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Published 12/29/23
Join young Johnny as he moves from the bustling streets of Manhattan to a mysterious old Victorian house in Arizona. But this isn't just any house; it's home to the eerie Ghost of John! Get ready for a spine-tingling adventure with Ivy, your ghostly host, in today's episode of Ivy's Chilling Tales. Thanks to Elliott from Arizona for this hair-raising story!
Published 12/15/23
Welcome back, Story Club members, to another spine-tingling episode of Ivy's Chilling Tales with your ghostly host, Ivy! Today's tale, inspired by our listener Sonic, is a hair-raising adventure titled Mirror of Nightmares. Join Jasper, a boy haunted by his fears, as he encounters a mysterious mirror at a flea market. This isn't just any mirror; it's a gateway to a world where Jasper's deepest fears come to life! Watch as Jasper battles his inner demons and faces a twisted version of himself...
Published 12/08/23
Join Ivy, your ghostly host with the most, for a chilling adventure inspired by 8-year-old Oliver from Atlanta. In this eerie episode, siblings Sarah and Jake defy the legends of their New England town and venture into the mysterious Whispering Woods. Guided by the whispers of the wind and accompanied by their loyal dog Max, they encounter the enigmatic Shade of Waverly, a guardian spirit with secrets to share. As they delve deeper, they're faced with a choice that could change the fate of...
Published 12/01/23
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Published 11/10/23
In the days of Knights and Dragons, Sir Larry, one of the newest, youngest knights is summoned into King Harvey’s royal chamber and given a mission to slay a pesky dragon. What follows is the tale of Sir Larry & the Dragon.
Published 10/31/23
What secrets live in the blue waters of Mermaid Beach? Freddy wants to find out. Can he convince his friends Marta and Mike to come along?
Published 10/26/23
Best friends Alison and Bree are amazed when they find a book that can accurately predict what will happen the next day. But can their friendship survive the newfound power of The Tomorrow Book?
Published 10/19/23
Are you ready for a fright to start off your Spooktober celebrations? Well you're in luck, because Season Three of R.L. Stine's Story Club is here! Worrisome Ben keeps letting his fears hold him back and one night, after forgetting his backpack at school, he discovers that his fear can come to life in the most terrifying of ways.
Published 10/12/23
Are you ready for a fright to start off your Spooktober celebrations? Well you're in luck, because Season Three of R.L. Stine's Story Club is here! Two children are given a magical wishing stone after coming across an old woman trapped in the woods. Could it really be true that this tiny pebble grants any wish? Eddie, Karin, and his pup, Poncho, are soon to find out.
Published 10/05/23
Published 09/29/23
Published 09/08/23