Chris Pratt
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Welcome back to Roll The Credits! This week is all about weddings, more weddings, and love. As we dive into Chris Pratt's movies it all seems to be surrounding love and weddings including personal weekend stories from Tina and Ryan about their exciting weekends. Don't miss that and a whole lot more on this week's episode of RTC!
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Published 12/01/21
The dynamic duo is back from Thanksgiving and as the rest of the World usually does, glossed right over it for Christmas. Ryan and Tina got the chance to dive into one of the best actors of all-time, Robert De Niro. Tina watched a wholesome more recent film that got them talking about who they...
Published 12/01/21
On this week's episode of Roll the Credits, Ryan talks about his "Survivor" weekend while Tina gives a Date number two update. After, they dive into Christian Bale's work as Tina admits she has never seen one of the best movies of all-time. Tune in to find out her score of the legendary cinematic...
Published 11/17/21