61. Jason Loucas (Freelance Photographer)
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How much of personal success relies on luck, or being at the right place at the right time? Jason and I chat about his career from the beginning of picking up a camera as a teenager, to following one of the best restaurants in the world - Noma - from country to country, on their next pop up adventure. Jason shares his early life and influences that inspired him to pick up a camera in the first place, how he got started and the blind ambition to a hobby that changed his life. I throw my thoughts on the comparison between military style kitchens and working as a fashion photographer in New York or for Vogue (after hearing the pressure Parker Blain went through - another food photographer I got on my podcast, check out episode 11). We also covered the new project in print, the limited edition 3 part, 600 page book that chronicles the Noma Pop ups that occurred almost 10 years ago now. The Roots Hospitality podcast is proudly supported by Sydney Direct Fresh Produce. The fruit and vegetable providore led by Luke Kohler, who has been supplying to Sydney restaurants and venues for more then 20 years and still smashing it out today. Follow @roots_hospitality on Instagram for the most up to date info on the latest guest, news and soundbites. Roots Hospitality theme by me, with samples from Ill Kitchen titled The Return. Music End Credits | By Charlie Fester. 
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