Ep. 34 Leia Sherblom (Grit Ceramics)
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If you have ever driven through Pottsville, just up from Byron Bay and seen a big sign out the front of a house that says Grit Ceramics, you may have been tempted to pop your head in the door, much like me. And if you did, you won’t believe the incredible craftsmanship that sit’s on those bakers shelves just waiting to be shipped off to the likes of Rae’s on Watergos, Pipit and soon, even for public consumption. As a chef, walking into a ceramics studio is like being a kid in a candy store. Eye’s wide will dreams of having a dish idea completed with that perfect plate or being inspired for a new idea when you see a new unique plate with that certain glaze that catches your eye. As a chef you could spend all day just looking at every plate, like a musician at a record store, flipping through the vinyls. And this is where Leia and I really bonded. As artists in our own way, we connected through our passion and curiosity for all things new and intriguing when comes to food and ceramics. If you have ever eaten at Pipit and wonder why the food looks so good? Well forget the food, It’s probably because the plate, makes is so good. But it’s important to note here that I really am enjoying the relationship that Ben and Leia have there in Pottsville. There’s very much this 1+1 = 3, Synergy type stuff going on there. Before we get started I’d like to note that the Roots Podcast is proudly supported by Sydney Direct Fresh Produce. The fruit and vegetable providore, led by Luke Kohler that has supplied to Sydney restaurants and cafes for the past twenty years and still smashing it out today.  Music by Charlie Fester.  Follow @roots_hospitality for the latest guest news and soundbites. 
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