Ep. 35 Byron Woolfrey (Trolley'd)
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If you’ve ever been at home and felt a spark of creativity when it comes to making a cocktail completely ad hoc, then you’d definitely enjoy the buzz of being around a mobile bar service that does almost just that. That’s right, I’m speaking to Byron Woolfrey one of the Co-founders of Trolly'd. Where the cocktails are always changing, garnishes sometimes picked from the environment around them before an event, and spirits infused with what wild and native ingredients are currently in season to use for the next fun themed event. And if you are like me, and can’t wait to be out at a bar or festival, then I’d strongly consider finding a way to be hosted by or be at a festival where Trolly'd is at. They know how to have serious fun. If you go follow their Instagram page, you’ll be drawn in by whatever delicious flavours are poured into the next cup and by what invigorating atmosphere they created for everyone to just let loose and have the time of their lives.   The first time me and Byron met, was actually to be one of the background boys for Diego’s prime time slot for the Weekend Getaway. He was doing a piece advocating the use of native foods around you, and Byron, Gabriel (from Ziggy’s Wild Foods) and I all went as Diego’s backup models. I’m sure you could rewatch all of us somewhere. We have all kept in touch since and I was psyched to have this chat with Byron.  I’d like to note that the Roots Podcast is proudly supported by Sydney Direct Fresh Produce. The fruit and veg providore, led by Luke Kohler that has supplied to Sydney Restaurants and Cafes for the past twenty years and still smashing it out today. Music by Charlie Fester. Go follow @roots_hospitality over on Instagram for the latest guest news and soundbites. 
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