CRRRaSh! 409 Sheep Speedrun
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The State of Captain Wizard, Ground Wizard, World Mental Health Day, Let's Talk Genocide, Koh-i-Noor: Keep Calm and Give it Back, Be Kind, Captain Kirk in Space!, Needle in a Timestack, Robert Silverberg, Bob Shaw, Halloween Playlist, Dystopia, The Batman, Scream, The Midnight Club, The Expanse, Young Frankenstein, The Night House, The Manor, Halloween Kills, Dymond Software: Roger Dymond and His Lost Games, NetHack, Doom RL, Galaxian, Hexen, Sheep, The Great Dalmuti, Helen Money, Froglord, Mildly Trolling BBC Ouch, Old General Blackblood, Apple Hardware: A Never-Ending Money Pit, My 2021 Email Stats, Roku YouTube App User Error, The End of My Tech Tether, The Doomsday Clock, VLC Disco! Show notes at
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Published 11/23/21
Spoilers and Trigger Warnings, How Have I Been?, The Haunting of Bly Manor, Midnight Mass Show notes at
Published 11/12/21