Emily Lipari chats about her comeback season from knee surgery that has seen her run two world standards in the 5000m and 10000m and win a US road mile title! She's on fire and poised for a big first championship season as a "long" distance runner. Emily shares how she followed an injury that left her questioning her time left in the sport with a breakthrough season.
Published 05/12/22
Published 05/12/22
Nick and Rory discuss all things Boston Marathon weekend. We have predictions for Top American, Winners, breakouts and bounce backs! Listen now to get ready for Marathon Monday!
Published 04/17/22
Scott Fauble catches up with Rory and Nick. Learn about his new training set-up as a boss babe, his prep for Boston, and more!
Published 03/27/22
Nick and Rory break down their thoughts after a weekend of racing and plenty more to come.
Published 03/10/22
Dillon Maggard joins the show to talk about his journey from a high school swimmer, to D-1 Track star, all the way to unsponsored athlete heading to World indoors. Dillon highlights the fire the has been lit by becoming a recently unsponsored athlete after his Hoka contract expired in 2021.
Published 03/01/22
Atlanta Track Club Elite's Shane Streich is on the rise. He talks about his journey to stardom, his goals in the near future, and how he stayed patient and believed in himself when others may have thrown in the towel.
Published 02/19/22
Conner Mantz talks going pro, a big 2021, and what's in store for him this year and beyond.
Published 02/06/22
Alice Wright comes on the show to share her story from DNS to big debut in Houston.
Published 01/28/22
Recapping a magical weekend in Houston we discuss Rory's race as well as other standouts. We also dive into Milrose games, a stacked Boston Marathon and a general rundown of the Rivals. Don't forget to use RR15 for 15% your order of Stoke Performance Nut and Seed Butter.
Published 01/20/22
Frank Lara has been nothing short of electric in his first 2.5 years as a pro. He recently signed with Altra and talks about that process as well as his faith in coach Richie Hansen and team Roots Running. He's won a U.S. 15k Championship, ran PB's of 61:00, 27:43, and 13:27, and now he takes on the Marathon in Houston with eyes set on winning and walking away with a key to the city!
Published 12/31/21
WE tell the CIM story, what's next, and discuss the impact of a winter of NCAA signings!
Published 12/16/21
Ben Flanagan joins fresh off his big Manchester Road Race win to talk about his fiery streak on the road, and his reflection on the Olympic year as a whole. He gives great insight on the lessons he's learned throughout his career and what he thinks about the pro life balance as well as what we can do to improve professional running.
Published 12/01/21
After their longest hiatus from the podcasting game Nick and Rory return to talk NCAA XC and their upcoming marathon!
Published 11/24/21
Isaac Wood takes us through his insights on the upcoming D1 XC season from favorites, most improved, and some under dogs.
Published 09/17/21
Hobbs Kessler is fresh off the best season by a high school miler in American History. He's now just trying to be a normal freshmen at NAU. He talks about his growth as an athlete, his influences, and the plan for the near future.
Published 09/11/21
Rachel talks about her olympic experience, swapping sponsors in the middle of a season, her upcoming wedding, and much more!
Published 09/02/21
Goodbye Tokyo, it was fun while it lasted. In this episode we talk about all the big reactions and takeaways from an awesome Olympic Games.
Published 08/12/21
We talk locks, sleepers and predict podiums from 800m to Marathon
Published 07/28/21
Fresh off making the Olympic team in the 1500m, Heather MacLean shares how she broke through to become one of the best in the country.
Published 07/14/21
An exhilarating final day of the trials has us buzzing about the future of track and field. Young stars like Hocker, McLaughlin, Knighton and of course Athing Mu show out big! Listen to our reactions now!
Published 06/29/21
These trials have been electric, catch our reactions, predictions, and takes on all the action!
Published 06/27/21
We Talk Steeple Prelims, Heather MaClean's ascent to greatness, Isaiah Jewett securing a bag while Brazier has a tough day, and a women's 5k that shows out!
Published 06/22/21
Day 1- Abbey Cooper is our hero, we owe Woody an apology, and Track is awesome!
Published 06/19/21
Amy tells us all about the highs and lows of a long successful career, that which included two U.S. Olympic teams and a medal from the world championships. She has retired and is now coaching a new professional group sponsored by Puma in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
Published 06/16/21