How We’re Making Outbound Selling Simple In 2022
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In this short podcast episode I explain what we did right and wrong in 2021. Then we get into what we’ve got in store across 2022 as we look to expand our sales training platform.
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Sales reps have it rough. Besides the endless slog of cold outreach, when you actually do connect with a buyer, you’re told to suck up to them. Smile, dance, give-in—do anything to win the deal. But what most reps don’t know is that there’s a better way to get what you want from your selling...
Published 05/20/22
There’s a lot of b******t in old school sales training. Mirroring body language, fake-as-hell urgency, uncomfortably high enthusiasm—this is what they USED to say closed deals. But in modern times, They’re all crap. They simply don’t work. And they’re scaring off your potential buyers. Instead,...
Published 05/18/22