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The big day is almost here. You’ve built a strong relationship with a mammoth new client. And over the past few weeks, you’ve generated strong rapport. All that’s left is winning them over with an engaging sales presentation. But you know the templated sales deck your company provided won’t make the grade. And with a game-changing commission on the line, you’re prepared to put in the extra work this time. This six-step sales presentation framework will tighten up your pitch and share some killer sales presentation tips. With them, you can create a truly valuable presentation that leaves your buyer saying, “Where do I sign?” rather than “what product or service is this dude actually selling?” #1 Research, Research, Research The first step to building the best sales presentation is research. Research on the company. Research on the challenges they’re facing today. And research on the audience you’ll be presenting to. Your research should guide your presentation and uncover insights and angles to use during your pitch. Below are a few sales presentation tips to guide your exploration of these categories. * Company – You should have a general idea of what the company does and its industry from preliminary marketing data. But you shouldn’t stop there. Look into their company history. Get a feel for their culture and values. Examine annual reports and build their figures into your deck. The key here is immersion. The more you understand about their business, the more you can tweak your presentation to match it. * Challenges – Perhaps the most essential part of building your sales presentation is catering to the buyer’s specific needs. Is their industry undergoing a massive shift? Are new competitors breaking into the space more rapidly? And how do these challenges relate to your product? Use these challenges as a jumping-off point to get your prospect listening and give them real-world applications for what you offer. * Audience – Will you be presenting to a decision-maker like an executive? Hit the metrics that matter. Is it someone that’ll report to a higher-up later (i.e., a gatekeeper)? Provide them with the sales collateral (product brochures, use cases, case studies) to make it easier to get decision-maker buy-in. Protip: You always want to get in front of a decision-maker if you can help it (part of the MEDDPICC sales methodology). #2 Focus on Their Pain Points First & Your Product Second Too many salespeople make the mistake of focusing on how great the product is. But you have to remember—you aren’t actually selling a product. You’re selling a solution. A prospect won’t care about how innovative your features are if they don’t see how they solve their problems. Instead, put the main focus on their problems. This is key when building a sales presentation that is going to have an impact on a prospect. Please educate yourself on the buyer’s pain points and put them in the sales presentation’s spotlight. The core benefits of taking this approach include: * Showing you’re informed about your buyer’s problem. The more you understand their problem, the more they’ll trust that you have the solution. * Gives buyers the opportunity to fine-tune the problem. Your prospects will be able to clarify the situation if you misrepresent the challenges they face. Then you can tweak your approach to match their needs. * Builds trust. Just 3% of buyers trust salespeople.
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