Ep 3: Turning the tables on the scammer
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Barb has a few too many drinks, and calls Carey to disparage him about his financial situation. Barb later confronts Carey with her suspicions, forcing him to rally for her love.
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Published 01/21/19
Kate Langbroek meets Carolyn and Jan, two middle aged women who were scammed in the pursuit of love Kate profiles her alter-ego, Barb, who meets Carey, a scammer from Nigeria and Barb’s unsuspecting prey.
Published 01/21/19
The scammers ramp things up, making grand declarations of love to the ladies.  The scammers give strange excuses as to why they can’t meet up, before asking for money. Carolyn and Jan take the bait, but Barb holds strong.
Published 01/21/19