SciShow Tangents Enhanced Classics - Experiments in Space
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SciShow Tangents is still on a break, but we have another Enhanced Classics for you! This week, a rerun of Experiments in Space with a brand new Ask the Science Couch and Butt Fact!
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From roaring fires to air conditioners to fuzzy slippers, humans have a knack for inventing things to keep them at just the right temperature. Unfortunately, they also have a knack for messing up the temperature of the planet…
Published 02/23/21
We're cracking open the mailbag once again to answer some dusty old questions you sent us a long time ago!
Published 02/16/21
True immortality may be a scientific impossibility, but podcasts last forever. Whether you listen to this the day it comes out or 1,000 years from now when your brain’s been uploaded to a computer, SciShow Tangents will be here for you!
Published 02/09/21