Marzipan, Jackass and the Cockatrice
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This week it's a special episode for James' birthday! James and Jess play a quiz, along with some special guests, that's all about James and discuss his festival chip diet, Lord Voldemort's tubby years and what to buy in a corner shop when you've got a hangover. 
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This week James and Jess discuss being English at weddings abroad, what time in the morning is too early to eat savoury food and Adele's strange attachment to flip phones. 
Published 10/24/21
This week James and Jess discuss talk about sheltered kids that ate novelty meats, the pros and cons of botox and the petrol crisis.
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This week James and Jess discuss terrible ways to pick up people in bars, their shared ecclesiastical upbringing and whether pickling is back in fashion. 
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