This week James and Jess discuss the sexy goodie bags at the Tokyo Olympics, ill-advised cocktails at parties and Jess' new-found appreciation for the game of chess. 
Published 07/25/21
After a brief hiatus, James and Jess are back talking about the kinky subtext in O Holy Night, why Justin Bieber looks sad and hiking in the Welsh Mountains. 
Published 07/18/21
Cutting room floor: as Jess is away for a few weeks, we bring you never before heard footage of James and Jess discussing the perils of swimming in reservoirs, Richard III's undignified resting place and what really happened to William Shakespeare
Published 07/04/21
This week James and Jess discuss unusual piercings, the sexy storylines of teenage novels and the lifespan of beach-dwelling birds. 
Published 06/27/21
Search Party at yours: to celebrate 10k downloads, James and Jess look into listeners' bizarre search histories and discuss wizarding photography, what Pride month really means and dodgy London flat rentals.
Published 06/13/21
This week James and Jess discuss disappointing rom coms, birthday couscous and what to do with your hands when dining alone. 
Published 06/06/21
This week, James and Jess discuss the health benefits of a margarita, which school packed lunches combat bullying and vitriolic vegans in Facebook groups. 
Published 05/30/21
This week James and Jess discuss dating app marketing, worrying practices in Roman choirs and the Cookie Monster's new image. 
Published 05/23/21
This week, James and Jess learn about some kinky dating app abbreviations, discover how best to cook a corn on the cob and examine Tatler's 2017 list of London's hottest restaurateurs.
Published 05/16/21
This week James and Jess discuss what not to do when you get robbed in broad daylight, the seminal work of a Romanian singing duo and how annoying the Hogwarts Sorting Hat would be on a night out. 
Published 05/09/21
James and Jess are back for series 3. In this episode, they discuss the vocal stylings of Il Divo, DCI Jo Davidson's non-compliance and Emperor Nero's sadistic penchants.
Published 05/02/21
It’s the podcast's 6-month anniversary and James and Jess discuss the latest supermarket lawsuit, how members of Slipknot navigate family life and Don Corleone's pizza preference.
Published 04/18/21
This week James and Jess discuss some dramatic skincare procedures, how handymen engage in gaslighting and the bizarre nudist game show hosted by Keith Chegwin.
Published 04/11/21
This week James and Jess discuss the grotesque selling points of a nineties kids toy, the damaging impact they had on the plumbing of Tennessee and memories of childhood trips to theme parks. 
Published 04/04/21
This week James and Jess discuss the latest series of Line Of Duty, one of the lesser-known Disney villains and up-and-coming property hotspots in the North East.
Published 03/28/21
This week James and Jess discuss the style choices of Beatrix Potter characters, the x-rated version of Citizen Kane that never was and adhering to strict shoe policies in clubs. 
Published 03/21/21
This week James and Jess discuss Lorraine Kelly's subtly sinister response to Piers Morgan's royal criticism, Percy Weasley's 70s fashion aesthetic and Lady Macbeth's answer to stubborn stains.
Published 03/14/21
This week James and Jess talk about how to fill boring gaps on Zoom calls, Rishi Sunak's dangerous love of fizzy pop and the unfortunate soya milk withdrawal symptoms.
Published 03/07/21
This week James and Jess discuss Simon Cowell's plans for his son's career, why going cold turkey is hard when you're quitting smoking and desirable character traits in prospective flatmates. 
Published 02/28/21
This week James and Jess once again revisit blackheads and the Teletubbies, as well as discussing how Trump achieves that particular hair colour and why Gillian Anderson's portrayal of Margaret Thatcher caused a sexual identity crisis on the Left.
Published 02/21/21
This week James and Jess are joined by special guests, TikTok stars and love connoisseurs The Sugar Coated Sisters. Together they discuss their worst Valentine's Day surprises, questionable exes and dealing with love rivalries on tour, before answering...
Published 02/14/21
This week James and Jess are drunk and talk about the infamous parish council meeting that shot Jackie Weaver to fame, how often The Week is published and what makes Matt Hancock smile.
Published 02/07/21
This week James and Jess discuss top friends lists on Bebo, Bruce Bogtrotter's fan club and unflattering targeted online ads.
Published 01/31/21
This week James and Jess discuss Agnès Sorel, King Charles VII's of France's royal mistress and the appeal of muggle porn before being joined by Instagram influencer @poppyadams to discuss Mary Berry's misleading recipes, penile cushions and the avalanche of people that fancy Poppy on Tinder.
Published 01/24/21
This week James and Jess discuss why influencers are spending lockdown in Dubai, winning a seance in a charity auction, and how old is too old to play with Bratz dolls. Follow the podcast on Instagram @searchpartypod
Published 01/17/21