With Prof. Dana Fishkin discussing Immanuel of Rome (14th century) and his works
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#240. **To join the SeforimChatter WhatsApp Community: https://chat.whatsapp.com/DZ3C2CjUeD9AGJvXeEODtK** **To support the podcast or to sponsor an episode: https://seforimchatter.com/support-seforimchatter/ or email [email protected] (Zelle/QP this email address)** With Prof. Dana Fishkin discussing Immanuel of Rome (14th century) and his works We discussed Immanuel of Rome and his life, when he lived, where he lived, his commentaries on Tanach, the machberes, HaTofet V'HaEden, the Shulchan Aruch's issur to read Macheberes Immanuel,  the Chida and his comments on learning Immanuel on Mishlei, and much more. To purchase, "Bridging Worlds: Poetry and Philosophy in the Works of Immamuel of Rome":  https://amzn.to/40lYmg9 To read Pirush Immanuel on Mishlei: https://hebrewbooks.org/44961 To read Machberos Immanuel: https://hebrewbooks.org/38900 & https://hebrewbooks.org/38901
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