With Rabbi Yanki Tauber discussing his new translated and annotated Chumash project and volume 1:The Book of Genesis with Commentary and Insights from 500 Sages and Mystics
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#248. ** To join the SeforimChatter WhatsApp community chat: https://chat.whatsapp.com/DZ3C2CjUeD9AGJvXeEODtK** **To support the podcast or to sponsor an episode: https://seforimchatter.com/support-seforimchatter/ or email [email protected] (Zelle/QP this email address)** ** Sponsored by Mosaica Press. Check out their many new titles at your local Judaica store or www.Mosaicapress.com, especially Bat Ayin, a three-volume work, is a compilation of the deep and inspiring teachings of the Rav Avraham Dov Ber Auerbach of Avritch on the parshas hashavua and yamim tovim, now available for the first time in clear and annotated English.** We discussed why another translated Chumash, how he translated, the process of translating and editing such a project, which commentaries are included, theme/style of the work, lexicon & notes, design of the book, infographics and charts, notes in the back, if it is not a Lubavitch project why write "Rebbe" for Lubavitcher Rebbe and not specify, and more. To purchase, "The Book of Genesis with Commentary and Insights from 500 Sages and Mystics": https://amzn.to/47uPzeu For Rabbi Tauber's website:¬† https://www.openbook.press/
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Published 02/18/24
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