With R' Eli Simcha Hellmann discussing Rav Juspa Schammes (1604 - 1698) and his newly published Haggadah
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Questions, comments, feedback? Send us a message.#273> To purchase a copy of my new edition of Sefer Toras Chaim on Maseches Avodah Zara (Includes a 15 page bio (with color scans of the originals), all the old Haskamos, the introduction of the Toras Chaim (d. 1632), and the introduction of his son & son-in-law. This all besides for the actual Sefer which has sources, notes, and many censored passages replaced for the 1st time since the 1734 edition) click here.> We discussed Ra...
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Published 05/28/24
Published 05/28/24
Questions, comments, feedback? Send us a message.#278> We discussed the history of Lag BaOmer, how it became a "Yom Tov", whetehr Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai's Yahrtzeit is actually on Lag BaOmer, those who visited Meron, mistake about Rav Ovadiah Bertinoro and bonfires, the Chasam Sofer's opinion...
Published 05/26/24