Failure is Just the Next Stepping Stone; Commit Continually Until Your Goals are Reached
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You want to know a secret? We’re pretty sure New Year’s resolutions are on the way out. Instead of beating ourselves up over habits we “should” try and break, or incorporating new ones we hate, we’d rather manifest our DESIRES. What’s the difference? Well, that’s part of what we get into on the latest episode of Sell or Die. We’re going to talk more about: The difference between a resolution and a desire Why your desires are more realistic to try and attain Ways to map out your path to reaching them It’s all about motivation. If you’re doing something you hate because you’re trying to tell yourself you have to, chances are it’ll last a few weeks at most. BUT if you are changing in the name of attaining some lofty goal you never considered attempting to reach before, you’re much more likely to make changes and stick with them. For more on setting your desires and taking the steps to make them a reality, listen to the full episode 583 of Sell or Die! If you enjoyed this episode, take a screenshot of the episode to post in your stories and tag us, @jengitomer & @jeffreygitomer! And don’t forget to subscribe, rate, and review the podcast and share your key takeaways with us!   CONNECT WITH JEN & JEFFREY: Official Website: Jeffrey’s Instagram: Jennifer’s Instagram: Sell or Die Hards Official Group:    EPISODE RESOURCES: Join the Insider’s Club to start your assessment today:  
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