Key To Successful M&A Deals: Overcoming Due Diligence Blockers!
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Yael Cabilly, Co-founder of Fortunet (, returns today to discuss the most common deal “blockers”, and how to overcome them: 1. Trust and confidence 2. Intellectual property 3. Momentum 4. Compliance / TOS Fortunet is an investment bank, focusing on the sale of medium and large Amazon businesses. The firm has closed dozens of 7-8 figures deal, and some of the largest transactions in the industry. Grab Tickets for Seller Sessions Live Brought to you by Thrasio on May 7, 2022 Featuring: Ivelin Demirov, Tim Jordan, Destaney Wishon, Adam Heist and many more Hosted by: Danny McMillan, Sharon Even and Izabela Hamilton Grab Tickets at: Conference tickets include the “Afterparty brought to you by BetterAMS and Clear Ads”. Purchase tickets to the VIP Dinner “brought to you by Avask” Big Thank you to our sponsors: Seller Sessions Live in brought to you by Thrasio (May 7) The VIP is brought to you by Avask (May 6) Afterparty is brought to you by BetterAMS and Clear Ads (May 7) Thank you to Perpetua, YLT Translations, SellersAlley & Pinformative
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