Amazon Product Images: Creating The Brief For Your Designer or Photographer
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On Thursdays, with Sharon we talk: PRODUCT IMAGES made for conversion, How to create the brief for your photographer or graphics designer. Product Images are the most important part of your product page, It is what gets the click from the search results, what helps to showcase your product, and what helps the shopper envision your product in their life, or how it will solve their problem. In order to know what type of images you need for your product, you must first understand the following about your product: * Main Benefits * Main Features * Where it is used * How it is used * Who uses it? * What does your Branding need to look like in order to attract your buyer avatar? Once you understand the above, then you will know what types of images your product NEEDS to have so that it can showcase your product best and help boost conversion. Only then can you create the brief and give the direction to the service provider making your images. Different Types of Images: * Main Image (hero) *Lifestyle: a few when possible (can turn into a collage) * Different angles of product (Can be mixed with infographics on the side) * What's Included (when applicable and can also include some other information like dimensions for example ) * Dimensions / measurements / weight * Collage: 4 images in a collage showing either where to use, how to use, main benefits etc * Infographics: Stand Out Features, must be to the point, Icons with limited text, can be mixed with a lifestyle like shown in the video of the podcast, must have Easily read texts and fonts ___________________________________________________ Grab Tickets for Seller Sessions Live Brought to you by Thrasio on May 7, 2022 Featuring: Ivelin Demirov, Tim Jordan, Destaney Wishon, Adam Heist and many more Hosted by: Danny McMillan, Sharon Even, and Izabela Hamilton Grab Tickets at: Conference tickets include the “Afterparty brought to you by BetterAMS and Clear Ads”. Purchase tickets to the VIP Dinner “brought to you by Avask” Big Thank you to our sponsors: Seller Sessions Live in brought to you by Thrasio (May 7) The VIP is brought to you by Avask (May 6) Afterparty is brought to you by BetterAMS and Clear Ads (May 7) Thank you to Perpetua, YLT Translations, SellersAlley & Pinformative
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