DataBrill FREE PPC Tool For The Amazon Community
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Today Dr Ellis Whitehead and I will be doing a demo of our new Free PPC Tool. This is aimed at new and growing sellers to help them optimise for the right Search Terms for their Campaigns. We know on a monthly basis, sellers spend hours on end deciding on which terms to use and get paralysed by data analysis. We cover this in 5 structured steps on what to look for and optimise using a colour coded system based based on 5 questions and our tool.
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Nick is a UK seller doing multiple 7 figures. Only 4 years ago he was on his arse when his business went down and he lost it all. Showing his resilience, like all good entrepreneurs do, he bounced back and plans to exit in 2 years. Join me as we chart his bust to boom on the lonely road of being...
Published 10/23/20
In this show we speak to Kian Golzari and Steve Simonson on the issues with supply chain and the changes made in and around covid. This is a replay from the recent Linn Academy that normally takes place off line in the UK each year will around 3000 delegates in attendance.
Published 10/22/20
Canton Fair is back ONLINE for the second time - Kian Golzari gives an in-depth on the best way to navigate the online fair to find the best suppliers and products for your business. Make sure you apply these tips to see the improvements from the last online canton fair!
Published 10/21/20