Amazon Antitrust Lawsuit & The Impact On Amazon Sellers
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Today I bring in Jason Boyce (Prosper Show) to get a full breakdown and insights into the current antitrust lawsuit and the treatment of third party sellers. The report finds that Amazon “has monopoly power over many small- and medium-sized businesses.” It says these businesses largely “do not have a viable alternative to Amazon for reaching online consumers.” The report alleges that Amazon “has engaged in extensive anticompetitive conduct in its treatment of third-party sellers.” One interesting tidbit from the report: “Publicly, Amazon describes third-party sellers as ‘partners.’ But internal documents show that, behind closed doors, the company refers to them as ‘internal competitors.’ ” Source: GeekWire Jason Boyce, the author of The Amazon Jungle and founder of Avenue7Media, began selling direct to consumer as an e-commerce retailer in 2002, and as an Amazon Merchant in 2003. Together with his A+ teams, he has bootstrapped several of his own brands to success with methods developed over nearly 20 years of real-world experience. These methods helped Jason’s company become a Top 200 Amazon Seller and a top 1,000 E-commerce seller according to Internet Retailer Magazine. In 2014, while speaking at several Amazon Selling and E-commerce conferences, Jason realized that helping others succeed was more meaningful than growing his own brands. He began supporting a small group of sellers in 2014 which spawned Avenue7Media, a 21st-century product marketing agency.   Start from page 276
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