Selling to Retail & Specialty Stores For Amazon Sellers
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On Thursday’s with Sharon we welcome Talor Ofer from to discuss getting your products into Retail Stores and Specialty Stores. We discuss how pricing a product to sell in wholesale works, how to find the contacts needed, compliance, payments, logistics and more. Talor has been selling products offline to retailers and specialty stores for over 16 years. Over the years he had sold to over 60 different retailers across the USA Today Talor continues to sell his own line of products + coaches and closes deals for online vendors on how to expand their sales to many different offline platforms.
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We always hear aggregators raising huge sums of money, like todays guest Ryan Gnesin from Elevate Brands. Whom has just raised a 250m war chest to buy more Amazon businesses. But what does that actually mean, is it debt? is it equity? What are the commitments behind it to the investors and what...
Published 07/28/21
This morning I interviewed a Seller Support rep; off the record. We were going to do a full interview with no camera feed and scramble the voice but it made more sense to write up my notes and walk everyone through it. We talk about onboarding, training, time allocated for each support ticket,...
Published 07/27/21
Today, Tamara Popovic makes her debut and is here to discuss how she uses Amazon Attribution with Google Ads, how to optimise the set up and the shortcomings in some of the tracking at keyword level. Whilst it is not perfect, it is a great way of sending external signals to Amazon and low CPC's...
Published 07/26/21