Today we will be covering a series of news stories floating around regarding Review Manipulation and Black Hat tatics in Q4. We will talk about this on our roundtable today on how to protect your neck and staying out of the crossfire. Line up will be announced later today
Published 09/10/20
Today we reveal the rankings across all 9 categories of the SellerPoll Awards. I will give you a countdown on positions on the top 15 movers and shakers in the Amazon community. SellerPoll is brought to you by Thras.io... Make sure you go vote for your favourite Podcast, Facebook Group, Amazon Consultant, Outstanding Contribution and more...          
Published 09/09/20
Steve Simonson, Brandon Young and Kata Phipps all join today as we take a look where we are with Covid 19, on a business and personal level. We chat the variables of what's next and how to ride the ebb and flow of the current climate.
Published 09/08/20
Mina comes from a scientific approach when it comes to supplementation - He is a keen practitioner of MMA of which feeds into his obsession with athletic performance. We chart his leap from the cubicle in a soul destroying corp job to relentless entrepreneur and Amazon Seller.
Published 09/04/20
Casey has packed in a lifetime in the last two years with stepping down as CEO of Viral Launch. Last time, on his first In-Depth his hands were tied, this time we will pick up where we left off and go behind the scene, inlcuding his move the 1bn valued Thras.io. Make sure you tune in!
Published 09/03/20
Today we debate about Software / AI / Automation vs manually managing campaigns via Seller Central. In the hot seat are; Kevin from Perpetua, Lazar Zepinic from SellersAlley and Jelena Nuhanovic from Amazonia PPC. This should be fun!
Published 09/02/20
On this week's episode of "Books That Changed My Life", we have Anna Davidson, Emma Schermer Tamir and Stephanie Khalikyar talking about books that made a big difference in their working and personal lives.
Published 09/01/20
We go in-depth once again, this time joining me is former army delegate Amy Wees. Amy is a fire ball of energy and runs multiple brands with her own product designs.
Published 08/28/20
SellerPoll is in its second year and this time we have gone bigger. It is still in the same format with an easy to use platform for your votes. There are 9 categories. We have added a drop-down box with names to help you when voting but there is also a free form field for you to add new nominations in.
Published 08/27/20
Joe Reichsfeld is back to share a ton of resources from Asia, Brazil, Czech Republic, Estonia, France and many more. It is like the A-Z of Alibaba's in each country. This will give you insights on finding products without doing search engine searches on a local basis and find locations that you never knew existed.
Published 08/26/20
On this weeks episode of "Books That Changed My Life", we have Cassandra Craven, McClain Warren, Karyn Thomas and Melissa Simonson taking about books that made a big difference in their lives.
Published 08/25/20
Krystsina Uradzimskaya joins us today on how she built her empire and where she is today with all her businesses including Pregnology.
Published 08/21/20
Gary Huang from the 7 Figure Summit joins me today to discuss the mindset of a large array of 7 Figure sellers in the community. We look at what makes them tick and some of the key things that got them where they are today. Stay safe.          
Published 08/20/20
Liran Hirschkorn returns and we take a deep dive into the new 3 day conference is putting on in a few weeks. The free three-day event, taking place September 1-3, will feature Amazon executives, current sellers, and independent online selling experts who will share their insights and ideas for how small businesses can thrive on Amazon, including navigating a strong finish to 2020 and beyond.
Published 08/19/20
I am excited to announce I will be bringing on the show world renowned psychologist Richard Grannon. Richard is a NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) Master Practitioner and is passionate about helping people... In this episode, we will talk about the misuse of NLP.Ever wonder why some people sit through some 3 hour webinar and then pull out their credit card at the end? Want to know some of the triggers they use beyond scarcity?Then click the bell, as we take a look inside some of the key...
Published 08/18/20
Again, Danny switches places, this time with Norm Farrar for his new podcast - Lunch with Norm. Today we discuss how you need to save as much energy for the right people and your business. Saying no and creating barriers will help you be more effective and let you place your energies in the right areas of your life, to lead a fulfilling life and maximise your potential on your business and the decisions you make.
Published 08/17/20
Friend of the show Kata Phipps joins us today. We go behind the scenes of her career from the beginning to now as a 7 figure seller and Titan Network Leader. Stay Safe!
Published 08/15/20
Rich Goldstein has built a career on working with both individual inventors and start-up companies. Today, we will talk about some funny stories and weird and wonderful patent issues that have come up, and cover some crazy designs. Stay safe!    
Published 08/14/20
Today, Jana Krekic and Meghla Bhardwaj join me to discuss the merits of Amazon.ae, Amazon.sg, Amazon.sa and the roll outs to Poland and Czech Republic. Are these a waste of time or should you take a chance and jump in early?
Published 08/12/20
Your bookcase says who you are. It is that time again for guests to talk about books that changed their life. Under the microscope this week is Athena Severi, Chris Rawlings and Alycia Shapiro. Stay Safe!
Published 08/11/20
Today we bring in sourcing expert Jim Kennemer.In 2014 he recognized the opportunity of Vietnam as a sourcing destination and moved to Ho Chi Minh City. We take a look at how this compares to the might of China and what the benefits are... Stay Safe.
Published 08/06/20
Industry activist and all round nice bloke Paul Rafelson returns to pick through last weeks testimony by Jeff Bezos on Capitol Hill. What does this mean for Amazon sellers? Stay Safe!
Published 08/05/20
Mindset Sunday is now been moved to Monday. Has a ring to it, right? Today's guests include Chris Rawlings, Tiffiany Hepburn and Stephanie Khalikyar. Come and join us for another section on the books that have changed my life and what the amazing guests think of them. Tune in and Stay Safe. 
Published 08/04/20
Good Morning, Today we have a real treat for you… The Interviewer is being interviewed! This session sees Liran turn the tables to find out how Danny has come to be who is today. From Danny’s background in the music industry, to how it has helped him avoid mistakes in the E-Commerce industry. Tune in to hear his advice and see the path The Seller Sessions host has taken to get to where he is today…..
Published 08/03/20
Legal eagle, turned seven figure Amazon seller Anne Ferris, has had an interesting ride to get to where she is today. We take a look at her life and history to see what makes her tick and the lessons along the way.
Published 07/31/20