Listen to the full story: https://audiodesires.com/story/working-late/ In this audio sex story, working late with a coworker creates a lot of sexual tension and eventually, you both spill your feelings for each other. Explore this intimate friends to lovers sex story right now.
Published 01/16/22
Listen to the full story: https://audiodesires.com/story/room-308/ In this MFF threesome audio sex story, two women visiting Miami for fun hook up with a straight-laced businessman in town on business. Indulge in this wild stranger-sex audio story today.
Published 01/09/22
Listen to the full story: https://audiodesires.com/story/new-year-new-us/ In this audio sex story, a couple decides to be more adventurous with a remote controlled sex toy at a New Year's Eve party. Live on the edge and experience lust like never before in this public sex fantasy.
Published 01/02/22
Listen to the full story: https://audiodesires.com/story/couple-next-door/ A man and wife plan a play session with their favorite play-mate, the Artist, in this steamy hotwife threesome episode. This episode is inspired by a true story that happened to the hosts of the That Couple Next Door podcast: https://www.thatcouplenextdoor.com/blog/2019/5/9/episode-44-the-artists-farewell-encore
Published 12/26/21
Listen to the full story: https://audiodesires.com/story/dirty-talk-joel/ In this audio sex story, dirty talk takes you to all new heights a sexy voice leads you to climax (complete with ASMR moaning and sex sounds).
Published 12/19/21
Listen to the full story: https://audiodesires.com/story/babysitter/ In this spontaneous audio sex story, a divorced dad has the hots for his kid's babysitter - and the feeling is very much mutual. Indulge in your favorite nanny fantasy!
Published 12/13/21
Listen to the full story: https://audiodesires.com/story/ownership/ In this BDSM audio sex episode, an established Dominant and submissive couple engage in consensual degradation and humilation play that ends in explosive orgasms for everyone.
Published 12/05/21
Listen to the full story: https://audiodesires.com/story/time-traveler-part-two/ In this time travel audio sex story, a heroic time traveler is in the 1920s and gets seduced by a beautiful woman who loves the thrill of danger and spontaneous sex in the back room of the jazz club.
Published 11/28/21
Listen to the full story: https://audiodesires.com/story/our-bartender/ In this threesome audio sex story, a husband and wife pick up a sexy, mysterious female bartender for a spontaneous night of passion.
Published 11/20/21
Listen to the full story: https://audiodesires.com/story/triple-pleasure/ In this hot threesome audio sex story, you and your partner are at a party and you meet a very attractive, very open-minded man who can't wait to hop into bed with you both. In fact, you don't even wait until the party is over to have some fun...no time like the present, right?
Published 11/13/21
Listen to the full story: https://audiodesires.com/story/vip-service/ In this hot audio sex story, you and your partner have sex in the VIP lounge of a trendy nightclub downtown. You would be kicked out if someone saw you, but that's what makes it so much hotter!
Published 11/07/21
Listen to the full story: https://audiodesires.com/story/halloween-threesome/ In this audio sex story, it's Halloween weekend and you're visiting your boyfriends place for scary movies and naughty fun. When the lights go out, you're sure he's waiting behind a corner to scare you - but he may just have a different (sexy) surprise waiting for you in the bedroom...
Published 10/30/21
Listen to the full story: https://audiodesires.com/story/god-of-mischief/ In this audio sex story, the legendary God of Mischief is imprisoned in a high-security facility, and you are his warden. When Loki makes you a naughty little wager, you can't help but indulge him... "For some reason, you humans feel such a need for control...it’s futile, really. We both know you’re meant to follow. Even you, in your highest rank at this facility, obey someone else’s orders. I’ve rather enjoyed my...
Published 10/24/21
Listen to the full story: https://audiodesires.com/story/hotel-sex/ In this audio sex story, hot wax, lots of lube, and a secluded hotel room...you and your lover decide to get away from your roommates for the weekend and you just can't wait to top them. "Damn, what a great view. The view of the city from our eighth floor hotel room is stunning. But the sight of you beneath me is even better. You’re splayed out on the bed, nude, except for your favorite leather thigh and wrist cuffs. I...
Published 10/17/21
Listen to the full story: https://audiodesires.com/story/repair-man/ In this audio sex story, a sexy, young repair man and an older, experienced woman have a spontaneous connection of passion and chemistry early one morning - and it looks like he has his work cut out for him. "Nice neighborhood. I think I re-shingled a roof on this street last year. I look down at my clipboard and scan over the job details. Looks like you’ve got some loose roof tiles after the storm last week. The door...
Published 10/10/21
Listen to the full story: https://audiodesires.com/story/my-mate/ In this audio sex story, a cabin in the middle of the words, dark, dense forestry...and a full moon. In this audio sex episode, there's an eerie feeling in the air. A sensual, female dominance werewolf sex story has the natural and supernatural colliding in an intense, passionate, erotic evening between strangers. "It’s such a beautiful evening. I watch from the balcony of my cabin as the sun starts to dip low in the sky,...
Published 10/02/21
Listen to the full story: https://audiodesires.com/story/hot-for-teacher-part-two/ The sequel to this steamy professor/TA relationship has things heating up even more when you decide to have some fun in an empty lecture hall. Fan-favorite narrators Joel and Alice are on fire in this spontaneous anal-sex-in-public audio porn episode. "I love teaching first-year students. Their excitement, their enthusiasm...it’s all so contagious. The semester is halfway finished and I’m already starting to...
Published 09/26/21
Listen to the full story: https://audiodesires.com/story/dirty-distractions/ In this audio sex story, at the annual "Women in Tech" conference, you're one of the headlining speakers. After you breeze through your speech, you come across one of your femtech idols. You're shocked when she shows interest in you, and things heat up quickly when you decide to skip out on the keynote speech and head back to your hotel room. "Finally. I was stressing hard about giving that speech all week, but...
Published 09/18/21
Redeem your offer: https://audiodesires.com/selfcare-september/ Coupon Code: LOVE - 60% off on annual memberships - 20% off on monthly memberships Listen to the full story: https://audiodesires.com/story/private-show/ In this audio sex story, an empty movie theatre on a second date greets you and your hunky new boyfriend. As soon as the trailers start to roll, you can't keep your hands off each other. Are you ready for some second date mischief? I can’t remember the last time I went to...
Published 09/11/21
Redeem the offer: https://audiodesires.com/selfcare-september/ Coupon Code: LOVE - 60% off on annual memberships - 20% off on monthly memberships Listen to the full story: https://audiodesires.com/story/game-night-part-two/ In this sex story, you're captivated by the sparks you see between your boyfriend and your best friend, and you can't stop fantasizing about the last time you were together. Their hands all over you...their moans together...it's time for another game night. Are you...
Published 09/06/21
Listen to the full story: https://audiodesires.com/story/fangs/ In our latest fantasy audio sex story, you stumble upon a mysterious night club while doing some research for your magazine column. Wandering into the dimly lit club, you realize everyone's staring at you as if you're something to be devoured. Then, you meet him. A grey-eyed, smooth-talking lover who is so much more than a man...could he be...a vampire? So, it is real. I’ve been hearing so much about this place, but I was...
Published 08/28/21
Listen to the full story: https://audiodesires.com/story/edging-you-on/ Edging your lover until they are begging for your mercy, for you to allow them the priveledge of joining you in climax can be oh, so, sweet. Test your lover's strength and have fun toying with them in this sexy orgasm control episode. The cuffs are snug around my wrists. Tight, but not too tight. You’ve got me spread-eagle on the bed...my wrists cuffed up above me….and my ankles locked to each bedpost. I am completely...
Published 08/26/21
Listen to the full story: https://audiodesires.com/story/bend-over-baby/ Keeping the romance alive is important, and setting weekly kink goals and trying out new things together can be a great way to keep things hot and heavy! In this spicy audio sex story episode, two lovers embark on a new adventure together: pegging, with some light orgasm control. What a wild ride! Alright. I think everything is ready. Should I light candles? No, no, probably not. That’s too much. I’ve laid out...
Published 08/21/21
Listen to the full story: https://audiodesires.com/story/cuck/ This audio sex story starts at the bar, where your lover is watching you flirt with strangers. Soon, you find one you like, and decide to take him to your hotel room. Your lover follows behind shortly and enjoys the show (and your biggest shared fantasy) - you being dominated by another man in front of him. DISCLAIMER: This episode contains degradation and humiliation scenes between three consenting adults. Please listen at your...
Published 08/14/21
Listen to the full story: https://audiodesires.com/story/rope-relaxation/ R&R means something totally different to people interested in bondage. In this audio sex story, rope and relaxation come into play when your lover surprises you with your guilty pleasure - bondage - after a long, hard day at work. I hate seeing you so stressed at the end of the day. You work hard and you don’t deserve all the pressure that’s put on your shoulders. Not to mention, you have kind of a hard time ever...
Published 07/31/21