Ok lets get into it.  Comedian and author Chloe Hilliard is here to discuss her book F**k Your Diet that explores conspiracies about food and why your relationship with food may not have been your choice at all because of - you guessed it CAPITALISM!  We also talk race, history and politics and wonder why we haven't burned this country to the ground yet!  SPOILER!  Did a dentist invent cotton candy???
Published 02/04/22
Casey is solo to talk about the death of Lauren Smith-Fields.  Laurens body was found by her Hinge date who police never questioned.  They also never told her family she was dead.  This case is whole buncha f'ed up. Spoiler Alert! Prepare to get mad at how this was handled!
Published 01/28/22
When you put your problems on the internet theres going to be a lot of opinions!  The judgement is often swift and harsh but can also be in your favor.  Comedian Monroe Martin joins the pod to discuss who is wrong and right in different scenarios.  SPOILER!  If you ask for a $5,000 wedding gift I'm not going to your wedding!
Published 01/21/22
Listen, sometimes doctors do some questionable things and sometimes they do some straight up WHAT THE F WAS THAT things.  Comedian Megan Gailey stops by the pod to talk about New York gyno Dr. Robert Hadden who preyed upon his patients for 23 years. Its gross and disgusting and SPOILER! Your breast exam should not conclude with your nipples being pulled hard!
Published 01/14/22
It's an MLM ep! Comedian Katie Hannigan is live and in person to help breakdown the toxic recruiting and coaching practices of Beach Body. We also go over crazy tactics that some of these MLM boss babes have used to try and sell and it's wilddddd. And SPOILER! Coaches end up spending more money than they ever make!
Published 01/07/22
Listen, lets all try and be a little better to ourselves in 2022.  Let's lean a little on the woo woo and start talking to the moon.  The Donas founder Donna Guerreros joins the pod to discuss setting intentions, tarot readings and what a difference taking care of yourself spiritually can make. SPOILER! It's all in the cards!!
Published 12/31/21
Whether or not you were an NSYNC fan or a BSB head, you have one man to thank for those bands - Lou Pearlman.  Lou discovered both boy bands as well as about 10 others.  What my guest Mike Albanese and I didn't know as were learning the Bye Bye Bye choreo, was that he also was ripping off our boys and paying them hardly anything! Not only that, he was also ripping off 1700 other people in a huge Ponzi scheme! Spoiler! Which member of LFO told he Lou he did not want it THAT way....
Published 12/24/21
Casey welcomes her husband back to pod to discuss the case of surgeon Robert Birenbaum. Bob married a woman named Gail Katz in the 80's who "mysteriously disappeared".  He goes on to remarry and become a father and local celeb in North Dakota but gets arrested years later on a big "we really think he killed her hunch". Soooooo SPOILER! Did he do it??
Published 12/17/21
A deep dive into the situation involving Chinese tennis pro Peng Shuai.  The Chinese government has scrubbed any mention of her name following her sexual assault allegations against a former vice premiere in the communist party. The definition of SHADY SHIT. State run organizations are posting videos of her to show she is "safe" but she isn't speaking in any of them and no one can get a hold of her. So where the hell is she??
Published 12/10/21
This ep's a doozy!  I somehow convinced Grace Atwood to read the book If You Tell by Gregg Olsen that recounts the story of Shelly Knotek as told by her daughters and husband. To say this book will give you nightmares is an understatement.  Shelly Knotek tortured two people to death all while her children watched. She lured people in by love bombing them only to turn that into the sickest form of torture and abuse. No spoilers for this one - it's truly disturbing!
Published 12/03/21
I promised you murder and you're gonna get it! Philly's own Kevin Ryan stops by to discuss a hometown killer that was the inspiration for Buffalo Bill. Find out how one man ran a successful church and a torture dungeon all while having a roommate. Spoiler alert! You'll never look at dog food the same...
Published 11/26/21
We threw all the plans out the window and just shot the shit for a truly honest convo about life as a comic. This episode is pretty much a comedians brain dumped inside out.  You wanna know what we talk about?  SURPRISE!  It's Tik Tok and other comedians. Sarah Tollemache joins to talk about setting boundaries in your DM's, maybe quitting comedy, and what it's really like to go after your dreams. SPOILER! Can you find success smoking weed and watching reality TV??
Published 11/19/21
Seriously?  What happened?  Casey takes a look at all the things that went wrong with this tragic music festival. Why didn't anyone consider Travis Scott's reputation for chaotic shows?  Why was there only one security guard at the VIP entrance? Why did the concert go on after ambulances made their way through the crowd?  And why do people want to stand for that long to see an artist???? Spoiler! This is not the first time this has happened...
Published 11/12/21
Roberta Blevins from Amazon's documentary Lularich is here to spill her guts about all things Lularoe and MLM culture as a whole.  We get into things that you didn't see in the doc and she brings the actual numbers to the table about who is making money selling oils and pants and who is not. It's nearly as bad as you think - Spoiler! It's way worse....
Published 11/05/21
To round out spooky scary month, Casey's sister Jessie shares ghost stories from the hospital....is there anything more terrifying than a ghost child who wanders a hospital?!?!? Also if you never knew the history of trick or treating, or why we all thought there was poison in our mini kit kat bars in the 80's that changes today! Spoiler! What candy bar was named after a horse?? Produced by Dear Media.
Published 10/29/21
I may have given it all away in the title but seriously WHY??? Comedian and true crime lover Rob Christensen hangs out to dissect the case of Christian Longo.  A true psychopath through and through, Longo goes from debt to murder to Cancun.  It's a wild journey!  Spoiler Alert! Can you become friends with the murderer who stole your identity?? Produced by Dear Media.
Published 10/22/21
Casey is kicking off the rest of October with spooky scary stuff starting with comedian Christine Meehan-Berg's smorgasbord of supernatural experiences. Final Destination type visions, seeing babies in the middle of the night to finding out a ghost is standing behind you from a medium on a zoom call. She's been through it all. CHILLS!! Spoiler! If you see sequins in the trees, you might be dying. Produced by Dear Media.
Published 10/15/21
We all heard the good news about Britney's father being suspended from her conservatorship last week and if you didn't - WHAT?!?!? Bells rang out, it was shouted from roof tops, dance instructors screamed on live streams! Britney Jean is closer to having her own life back and this weeks guest, podcast host and instagram legend Danny Murphy stops by to break down what happened to Jamie, and what's next for Ms. Spears. SPOILER!  We both hope it's more boobie pics on the gram. Produced by Dear...
Published 10/08/21
Here we go - Casey dives head first into the timeline of the disappearance of Gabby Petito the latest case to take the media by storm. She discusses that darkness that must lurk inside of a bald 23-year-old, and why the hell he got a lawyer before she was even reported missing???  SHADY!!!! Spoiler! What's Dog the Bounty Hunter got to do with it? Produced by Dear Media.
Published 10/01/21
Ok Shady Ladies we got a hot one! Jena Kingsley (Social Studies Pod) joins and drops some real-life knowledge on serial killers.  Like, for real she got her master's in forensics.  She tells us the one thing that most serial killers have in common and it has nothing to do with their upbringing. We also get into the case of Aundria Bowman who went missing in 1989 but her killer wasn't arrested until last year. Spoiler! What's the worst part about seeing a dead body and could you eat a sandwich...
Published 09/24/21
Summer of Gold tells the story of the 1996 Olympic Games through the lens of the women Olympians who dominated that summer. From the “Magnificent Seven" gymnasts to the USA women’s basketball, soccer and softball teams all winning gold (and becoming cultural phenomena), to the founding of the WNBA, 1996 altered the course of history for American sports generally and women athletes in particular. In celebration of the 25th anniversary, Summer of Gold provides an unrivaled perspective on one of...
Published 09/23/21
From technology ruining us to Subway sandwiches ruining us, Comedian Nathan Macintosh drops by to discuss who is making up Tik Tok dances (robots) and what the bread at Subway is made out of (yoga mats).  Also Spoiler! is podcasting like Quija???    Produced by Dear Media.
Published 09/17/21
What's your favorite conspiracy?? Comedian Chris Scopo is live and in person teaching Casey all about his favorite conspiracy that Hitler died on a beach in South America and Casey teaches Chris all about Johnny Gosch. Where is he??? Spoiler! Whose body was in Hitler's grave? Produced by Dear Media.
Published 09/10/21
She's going solo!  Casey takes a listener suggestion this week and dives into controversial "guru" Teal Swan. Teal amassed a large following on YouTube despite claiming she was an alien who could see people's blood inside their bodies.  Her controversial videos with titles like "I want to kill myself" gained her supporters and also critics and you'll hear why. Spoiler! Was she in a satanic cult?? Produced by Dear Media.
Published 09/03/21
A first for the Shady Shit podcast! We have a follow up episode to the McDonalds ice cream machine drama with the creator of Kytch, Jeremy O'Sullivan who along with his partner Melissa invented a way to fix the notoriously broken machines remotely so everyone could enjoy a Shamrock Shake! BUT in doing so an entire can of worms was opened that revealed that these machines primary function is not to make ice cream but to make money by breaking down. We've got lawsuits, Mr Florida '99,...
Published 08/27/21