We back with a banger! Comedian Erin Maguire stops by to talk missing mommy Sherri Papini. Sherri was back in the news recently and sentenced for lying to authorities about her 2016 "kidnapping" that was actually her just running away with an ex-boyfriend. And by running away with we mean holing up in a room and only coming out to be branded and hit with a hockey puck!  Spoiler! Did her boobs make her do it????
Published 09/30/22
Published 09/30/22
Casey is back!  After a brief hiatus we are back to discuss the bombshells that were just dropped about the demise of the Wendy Williams Show and of Wendy herself.  As the TV personality struggles to understand the ending of her show, those around her struggle to understand her. So whats going?? No one knows. SPOILER! Was Wendy at her own finale???
Published 09/16/22
Live from Scotland!  As jet lag faded out, a general bleakness faded in.  To be frank we are losing our minds over here at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival!  We discuss UK audiences being terds, the documentary The Girl in the Picture and of course Harry Potter. Spoiler! Don't marry your daughter!
Published 08/13/22
Sam Rubinoff is addicted to buying things off Craigslist and Offerup. So we had to ask him....WHY?? He loves the thrill of a bargain and the idea of flipping items for a profit. So of course we had to remind him that sometimes people get murdered on Craisglist. But will that stop him from using the site so frequently?? SPOILER! No it will not.
Published 07/29/22
John and Jason of The Trashe Podcast stop by to discuss their true crime pasts. John was a former crime reporter and Jason a former cop. We talk about the state of cops today and how different it is then when he started. We dismount with a chat about a man who thought his AI came alive and how everyone else thought he was cuckoo bananas. SPOLIER! Cops are actually supossed to help their communities!
Published 07/22/22
This is Casey's dream episode!  As a Broadway lover and a gossip hound, her two worlds collide as the behind the scenes drama at the Broadway revival of Funny Girl makes headlines.  Caseys busband Robby joins her to discuss their honest feelings about seeing the revival and how it gave off high school theatre production vibezzz. SPOILER!  Can Lea Michele save the show???? If advanced ticket sales are any indication....the answer is yes
Published 07/15/22
Julie and Val of the Who's Kid is That podcast join the Shady Shit today to discuss one of the freakiest things in the world - children who see ghosts. Both of their children have experienced seeing or talking to people that have passed on. What is it about children that makes them more sensitive to the occult? And why does Julie's son want a book about demons??? SPOILER! If a cross falls in the kitchen....HANG IT THE F BACK UP!
Published 07/08/22
Real life Shaman Rachel White is here to debunk what we thought we knew about what a Shaman is - hint they don't have to wear teeth around their neck and blow smoke at you to be real!  We discuss tapping into intuition, how scary Teal Swan is and how True Detective lead Rachel into an out of body experience. SPOILER!  Learn how to pull tarot cards for everyday use!
Published 07/01/22
Another Friday another Shady Shit episode this time with Comedian and head writer for The God's Honest Truth Charles McBee.  We discuss the petty crimes we comitted as kids and stealing from our jobs - whoops! We also get into the death of Gianni Versace and the murder spree of Andrew Cunanan. It was brutal. SPOILER! If you think someone is going to kill you don't let them stay at your house!
Published 06/24/22
Nathan Macintosh is back!  After being in casino for 4 days, Nathan and I really go for it ripping into things we hate most notably - people that take selfies on toilets!  Its happening! And we hate it!  We also get into graphic tee conspiracies, and discuss how contrary to popular belief, men will not have sex with anything. SPOILER!  Am I really a TAP?!?!
Published 06/17/22
My forever co-host Robby Slowik is back to discuss the documentary Our Father about a church going feller who might have been trying to start a Christian cult??? Donald Cline was an IVF doctor who decided to take matters into his own hands when it came to helping women get pregnant and by matters I mean his penis.  Spoiler!  Be careful who you date if you're from Indiana....
Published 06/10/22
The ups and downs of Anna Nicole Smiths short life is a wild ride!  What we know based on the medias coverage of her - dumb blonde bombshell, gold digger, butt of everyones jokes. What we weren't told about Anna was that her realtionship with her 89 year old husband was genuine, she never got ANY money, and all she really wanted was someone to notice her. SPOILER!  Hold on to your nipples girls....
Published 05/27/22
A quick goggle search confirmed that pigs in fact will eat anything. And apparently that includes people. In a rural Oregon town, Susan Monica lured handymen in to stay on her property and help her build a house and then somehow they would end up in the pigpen. SPOILER!  If a house smells like dead bodies maybe skidaddle
Published 05/20/22
The Bucket List Family has a popular instagram and youtube channel chronicalling the travels of Jessica and Garrett Gee and their two young kids. Like anyone who puts their life on the internet, they have been critisized for many things including throwing their toddlers into a shark cage. WILD! SPOILER ALERT!  Its very easy to quit your job and travel when you have $54 mill.....
Published 05/13/22
Today comedian Tom Cassidy and I weigh in on the New Yorker artcle written by Lauren Markham about an Upper East Side playboy who conned money out of women because he had a full head of hair. Nelson Counne told women he could stare at them for hours then would ask for thousands of dollars and set their dinners on fire. This weeks SPOILER is all in the title!!!
Published 05/06/22
This sad tale of a college student who starting acting erratic then disappeared will have you on the edge of your seat.  Bryce Laspisa was seemingly on his way to his parents house but an 8 hour drive turned into a 27 hour car crash. SPOILER! Vyvance is a helluva drug.
Published 04/29/22
We got the man the myth the legend Robby J Slowik back on the pod to discuss a weird case of a girl who wrote an essay about abuse to get into an Ivy League school. The school turns against her, her mother says she's lying and a guy named Hank Lovelace all play a part in this one. SPOILER! Whose side are you on? 
Published 04/08/22
Miami's own Irene Morales joins the pod to discuss growing up around Santeria, wanting to become a nun, and how her mom prayed for a miracle and IT WORKED! We also make a case for tossing out old underwear and treating yourself to fancy period panties.   
Published 04/01/22
This week podcast host Sara Levine pops by to break down the documentary of the moment Bad Vegan, as well as the wild spree mother/son duo Sante and Kenny Kimes went on in the 90's. These two committed every kind of fraud you can think of and when that didn't work they turned to murder. SPOILER!  Where theres smoke, there's fire....
Published 03/25/22
A new series about the crimes of Pam Hupp is coming out soon but if you can't wait to hear what happened, just listen as comedian Alexis Guerreros and I break down the case! And this case has it all - life insurance policies, affairs, Dateline producers and the maniacal lengths Pam went to maintain her innocence.  SPOILER! A murder to cover up another murder?????
Published 03/05/22
Holy hell do we have an ep today! Comedian Alex Pavone is here to breakdown the bombshells that have recently come out about the Playboy Mansion. There's cover ups, there's orgies, there's kidney infections and quaaludes....and SPOILER! Beastiality??? 
Published 02/25/22
You know what they say, the higher the hair the closer to God!  Gwen Shamblin would agree. This highly requested episode has Casey and Kate James (writer for Work In Progress on Showtime) digging into the the documentary The Way Down.  What started as a weight loss program for the Lord slowly but surely became a church of control and dare I say it - A DANG CULT! SPOILER!  Don't let the clown like cover picture for this doc fool you - it gets dark. 
Published 02/18/22
Two young girls go missing under the same circumstances within 2 months of each other.  The tragic backstory of their homelives and their untimely deaths is brutal and heartbreaking. These girls deserved better!  SPOILER! 3 generations of murderers how does that happen??
Published 02/11/22
Ok lets get into it.  Comedian and author Chloe Hilliard is here to discuss her book F**k Your Diet that explores conspiracies about food and why your relationship with food may not have been your choice at all because of - you guessed it CAPITALISM!  We also talk race, history and politics and wonder why we haven't burned this country to the ground yet!  SPOILER!  Did a dentist invent cotton candy???
Published 02/04/22