Ep 150. Tony doesn't live here
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This week on the podcast Chris & Rosie record a podcast and keep it extra real with some live interruptions. If anyone sees Tony, tell him they have his parcels! There's weekly beefs plus one for Netflix, Rosie suggests a unique way of having children and QFTP's cover butt plugs, guinea pigs and an unfortunate incident with a wet phone. Enjoy! See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
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On this week's podcast the Ramey's discuss their new TV show, a kids party that Rosie attended and how Chris' lack of socks seems to have caused a real stir! They share their beefs which involve an emotional sports day and the QTFP's go veggie and even include a mistaken urinal situation. See...
Published 05/27/22
As well as discussing their new TV show Chris and Rosie share their weekly beefs and their new official ‘ick’ section. They chat passive aggressive waiters, behind the scenes strictly rituals and their thoughts on thongs. QFTP’s include strange contraception choices and some pretty expensive,...
Published 05/20/22
Published 05/20/22