Shift and Steer EPISODE 436
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This week Brad Fanshaw and Matt D'Andria take you through the automotive world. • Electric Vehicle charging issues. • Hertz charges refueling of a Tesla? • F1 Rain fender tests. • Citreon Push/Pull vans. • Before the Indy 500 • Aftermarket Doomesday?
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Shift and Steer Episode 440 This week on the podcast we remember racing legend Parnelli Jones, The 1963 Indy 500 winner who died recently at 90 years old. • We ask why destroy a supercar or collector car for the sake of social media likes? • Social media guy gets jailed for excessive loud revving...
Published 06/11/24
Published 06/11/24
Shift and Steer Episode 439 • We talk about knowing the parts you purchase and to become educated about the technical aspect of modifications. • NEW California Tax by the mile! • Studio Time with Sammy, Michael, Joe and Jason • Indy 500
Published 06/04/24