Published 01/19/22
Discussing the events at Congregation Beth Israel in Colleyville, Texas, where an armed attacker took four hostages, including the rabbi. We ask: "What's a Jewish response in a moment of crisis," and look at the idea of "Spiritual Pre-hab."
Published 01/19/22
What happens when a revolutionary Jewish thinker - fed up with his lower status as a Jew in 1700s Prussia - wants people to start thinking about Judaism in a new way? And what happens when a Christian theologian has a very different idea? Who gets to decide what counts as “religion,” and how that should shape our understanding of how Judaism can be meaningful in our lives? In Part II of this episode, we reach the conclusion of figuring out: can we even call Judaism a religion?
Published 01/12/22
Turns out we actually aren’t entirely sure how to define “religion.” And we’re not even sure if Judaism fits the description to begin with. If we’re using the lens of “religion” to understand Judaism, what is the nature of that lens? How does its clarity and focus affect what we’re looking at? Is it magnifying or distorting things? When we use that lens, what are we seeing, and what are we not seeing? And who built that lens? Can we even call Judaism a religion?
Published 01/05/22
1,200 years ago, one of the oldest Jewish communities in the world asked a question. It was a question that would reverberate through history, and still impact us today. What does this simple act teach us about the role of questions and answers in Judaism, and how Jewish practice works and evolves across space and time?
Published 12/29/21
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Published 10/15/21