Ep #39: The True Currency of the Film Industry
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Often people talk about how the movie industry is really all about money. I don't agree with that - indie films in particular are fueled by something else all together. In this heartfelt session, I share what I think is THE magic ingredient that is the reason some scripts sell (and most don't), why some movies get made, and why some movies stand out. You'll learn a new way to think of your own work and you'll get inspired to do your best work ever. Are you ready?! PS To join my free training on filmmaking, go to: www.dianebell.com/filmmaking
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I'm planning to write a new screenplay by the end of the year, and I wrote a list of the 5 things that I think might stop me. In this episode, I share what they are, and identify the #1 thing that can stop any of us (you included!). If you want to write a screenplay by the end of the year,...
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The statistics are what they are: most scripts won't sell, most movies won't get made (and even of those that do, most won't ever get seen). You are not looking for conventional results in this industry - you are looking for miracles! But how to miracles happen? Do you have to be special to...
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