If you know that it's fear that's stopping you, you're halfway to winning the battle. In this episode, I talk about why fear is the #1 enemy of all artists and how to handle it. If you'd like to join my FREE masterclass this month, MAGNETIC, sign up here: www.dianbell.com/magnetic
Published 04/11/21
The key to writing a stand out script is creating unforgettable characters. In this episode, we'll explore why that is - and crucially how to do it. Say goodbye to 2 dimensional stereotypes and instead start writing the kind of characters that great actors will kill to play! If you've written a screenplay (or more than one) and you'd like to be part of a supportive group (including monthly zoom calls with me, I'd like to invite you to join The Screenwriter's Pro Mastermind: ...
Published 04/05/21
Do you want to tell a story that isn't yours? Is that okay to do - or are you appropriating someone's story in a way that is inappropriate? How do you make sure that in telling someone else's story you are not committing an offense? How do you navigate getting the rights to tell someone's story? All these questions (and more) are part of today's episode. To join The Shoot From the Heart Society for monthly free masterclasses, go to: https://www.facebook.com/groups/239946376921960
Published 03/30/21
Do you believe that in order for you to sell a script it has to be EXCEPTIONAL? If so, you'll fallen victim to a power-sucking myth. In this episode you'll learn what your script really has to be, and why you get to decide what is worthy of selling (and trust me, once you really get this, it will make selling your script so much easier!). To join the Shoot From the Heart Society, for free monthly masterclasses, go here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/239946376921960
Published 03/06/21
Many people feel they have Imposter's Syndrome - but do they really? If you're new to something, it might be Beginner's Syndrome, the very uncomfortable feeling of doing something that just doesn't feel natural. But what is real Imposter's Syndrome? Why are its effects so powerfully devastating? And what can we do to heal it - and avoid it altogether? All this and more are the topics of today's episode. To sign up for the free masterclass, THE NEXT LEVEL, kicking off on Feb 19, head to...
Published 02/10/21
We all do it: look at how others are doing to judge how we are doing. But does it serve us? Is there a way to approach judgement, comparison and envy that can? In this session, I dive into this subject and share the lessons I've learned from the yoga mat that have helped me in my filmmaking and screenwriting career. To join the Shoot From the Heart Society private FB group, go here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/239946376921960
Published 02/02/21
If you dream of writing and selling scripts and making movies, you are dreaming of reaching the Island of Filmmaking Success. In this episode, I share an excerpt from the fifth class of Operation Greenlight, in which I share the truth about this journey - and why it matters so much. You'll probably want to save this one and come back to it whenever the journey gets tough. And if you want to see the whole class - stay tuned. Operation Greenlight will soon be available to purchase for...
Published 01/25/21
Last week, I shared a series of 5 free live masterclasses: Operation Greenlight. The aim of these was to provide information and inspiration for you to sell your screenplay or raise money to make it yourself. Today on the podcast, I want to share an excerpt from day 1 in which you'll learn why aiming to get your movie made is like going on a journey to an island and what kind of vessel you should choose to get there. There's still time to catch up on the classes of Operation Greenlight, go...
Published 01/24/21
Should you write your script with someone else? In this episode, I share my two very different experiences collaborating with others and my thoughts on when you should enter a writing partnership - and when it should be avoided. If you want to sell a script or make a movie this year, don't miss OPERATION GREENLIGHT, a series of 5 free masterclasses I'm sharing, kicking off on January 14. For more details and to sign up, go to www.dianebell.com/greenlight
Published 01/13/21
This week I share an excerpt from a live session I had with members of my End of Year Screenwriting Challenge group on Sunday January 3. It was a message that I felt worthy of sharing wider - so here it is. You matter. Your work matters. Please listen to this and carry this message through 2021. Happy new year! If you want to join my series of FREE live masterclasses, OPERATION GREENLIGHT, on selling your script or making your movie this year, you can register at:...
Published 01/04/21
What a year! Join me as I unpack 5 lessons that I learned from it, because despite the challenges it was an incredible year for me personally, a year in which I grew and learnt so much. I'd love to hear from you - what were your biggest lessons this year? Join the Shoot From the Heart Society on Facebook and connect: https://www.facebook.com/groups/239946376921960 Also to join my FREE five day masterclass series OPERATION GREENLIGHT, sign up at www.dianebell.com/greenlight
Published 12/28/20
In the second excerpt from my recent masterclass series RESET REVOLUTION, we explore the role luck plays in achieving your goals and how to make yourself lucky. You'll also learn why (when setting goals) you must dare to follow your true heart's desires. To join the exclusive FB group, The Shoot From the Heart Society and watch the rest of this training (for FREE), click here --> https://www.facebook.com/groups/239946376921960
Published 12/20/20
Whew, what a year it's been! If you're ready to hit the reset button and prepare for the best year of your life in 2021, this is the episode you need. In it, I share why our usual method of goal setting doesn't work - and how to set goals we actually achieve. If you'd like to watch the rest of this training (it's free and available into January), please join the Shoot From the Heart Society Facebook group. You'll find them there as well as more free trainings -->...
Published 12/16/20
A good query letter could change your career overnight (and your life!). A bad one wastes your time and the time of the person you send it to. What makes a good one? How do you make sure that each time you hit SEND you are maximizing your chance of success? Listen in to find out (clue: connection is EVERYTHING!). For more info, go to www.dianebell.com. To join the Shoot From the Heart Society on Facebook for free masterclasses: https://www.facebook.com/groups/239946376921960 See you...
Published 11/26/20
Are you finding it hard to focus on your creative work right now? If you are, you're not alone. Between the election madness, Brexit, and the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, it can be hard to show up for your work. In this episode, I share some ideas on how to focus in the middle of all the craziness. For more info, go to www.dianebell.com.
Published 11/20/20
This question comes up for every aspiring screenwriter and filmmaker: do I have to move to LA or NYC? Here's my take on the answer (and it's not a simple YES or NO). For more info, go to www.dianebell.com
Published 11/17/20
Sometimes things don't go to plan. You don't write the pages you said you would, you hesitate about calling possible investors. It's easy to beat yourself up about it, to feel shame and guilt. But in this episode I explore why being kind to yourself is one of THE keys to a long and happy career (and life). What does being kind to yourself really mine? Dive in and find out. For more info: www.dianebell.com Instagram: @dianebell
Published 11/06/20
I'm planning to write a new screenplay by the end of the year, and I wrote a list of the 5 things that I think might stop me. In this episode, I share what they are, and identify the #1 thing that can stop any of us (you included!). If you want to write a screenplay by the end of the year, please join me for the End of Year Screenwriting Challenge www.dianebell.com/challenge Let's do this!
Published 10/21/20
Many screenwriters ask this question as they contemplate writing a new script. Is this idea good enough? In this episode I dig into what we are really asking, and why it might be the wrong question. Along the way, expect thoughts on what makes a movie good, the key to a compelling script, when you should stick with an idea, and when you should jump ship. For more info, please go to: www.dianebell.com
Published 10/14/20
The statistics are what they are: most scripts won't sell, most movies won't get made (and even of those that do, most won't ever get seen). You are not looking for conventional results in this industry - you are looking for miracles! But how to miracles happen? Do you have to be special to achieve them? In this episode I share the real secret to miraculous results. Get ready to start allowing them to happen to you. For more info, please go to www.dianebell.com
Published 10/09/20
Not having money is the #1 reason most people give for not making their movie. But it doesn't have to be that way. In this episode, I share with you how to find investors, why people invest in movies and how to get to YES for the cash. You'll also get practical knowledge of what you need to do before you approach investors and what you will offer them. Prepare for your mind to be blown as you realize - EVEN now, in the middle of a pandemic: YOU CAN RAISE MONEY FOR YOUR MOVIE. To...
Published 10/01/20
Often people talk about how the movie industry is really all about money. I don't agree with that - indie films in particular are fueled by something else all together. In this heartfelt session, I share what I think is THE magic ingredient that is the reason some scripts sell (and most don't), why some movies get made, and why some movies stand out. You'll learn a new way to think of your own work and you'll get inspired to do your best work ever. Are you ready?! PS To join my free...
Published 09/23/20
You've got a script and you want to make a movie. But where to start? In this session, I'll share with you the first three things you MUST do to create a solid foundation for your film's success. You'll learn about the importance of a doable script (and what that really means), why your script shouldn't be over 100 pages, and who you need to hire first. Get ready for thirty minutes of film fuel magic! And if you're ready to watch my FREE train The 5 Keys to Filmmaking Success, go to...
Published 09/17/20
This week I share 5 foundations of good directing - you'll pick up tons of tips on what this job really is and how to excel at it, from devising a compelling creative vision that will guide your every decision to what good leadership on set looks like. This episode will fire you up and give you tons of food for thought whether you've never directed before or a seasoned pro. For more info on the Shoot From the Heart Academy, go to www.dianebell.com
Published 09/09/20
So you know you want to direct but how do you get hired as a director? Quite simply: you hire yourself. For nearly every director in the world, that's how they started their career. In this episode, I explore what that means and how to do it. I'm also asked by a listener what good directing is - the answer might help you be one! For more info, go to www.dianebell.com
Published 09/03/20