While you wait for the next season of Sip On This, binge season 1 of another hit Critical Frequency podcast: Drilled, a true-crime look at climate change. Season 1 explores the corporate-funded creation and spread of climate denial.  https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/drilled/id1439735906?mt=2
Published 01/06/19
While you're waiting for season 2 of Sip On This, check out Peace of Mind with Bhi Bhiman. The first full-length album released as a podcast, Peace of Mind digs into the various issues behind this political album from singer/songwriter (and SOT theme song creator) Bhi Bhiman, from immigration to gender to voting rights, with thought leaders like author Dave Eggers, podcaster and lawyer Rabia Chaudry, Snap Judgement creator and host Glynn Washington, and more.  Find it...
Published 12/31/18
In the season finale, Ashley's friend, actress, writer and comedian Robin Thede (the first Black woman to be a head writer on a late night show, The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore, after which she hosted her own talk show on BET, The Rundown with Robin Thede) joins her to give advice on navigating career drama and being a boss.  Episode sponsor: Stitch Fix - visit stitchfix.com/siponthis to subscribe, and get an extra 25% off when you purchase your whole box. 
Published 12/21/18
Not sure when or if you should invest? Which debts to pay off first? Think "investing" just means buying stock? Sallie Krawcheck has been working for years to make investing more accessible to women; she joins Ashley to answer all your questions about money and planning. 
Published 12/14/18
Activist and journalist Charlotte Clymer joins Ashley to answer questions about dealing with everything from anger to oppressive gender norms and how parents can push against them.  Episode sponsors:  Stitch Fix - visit stitchfix.com/siponthis to sign up and save 25% off when you keep your whole box. Ritual - visit ritual.com/siponthis to start your ritual today!
Published 12/07/18
The Katydids are six-woman improv group whose names are all a variation of Katie. Their popular web series was made into a hit TV Land sitcom, The Teachers, this year. In this episode they talk to Ashley and listeners about not just achieving a dream but what happens to your life once you're living that dream.  Second City/Letters to Santa donations: http://www.ltschi.com/don127876te.html Episode sponsor: Lola - go to mylola.com and use the code Sip On This for 40% off! 
Published 11/30/18
In this special Thanksgiving episode, Ashley brings on her number-one go-to for advice—her mom, Angela Black—to tackle listeners' questions about parenting and family. 
Published 11/23/18
Ashley brings on her Full Frontal boss, Samantha Bee, for advice on everything from managing kids and work to forming a fair marriage to being the sort of boss who's not too nice or too harsh.  Episode sponsors: Ritual vitamins -- go to ritual.com/siponthis Gunilla Skin Alchemy -- go to gunillaskinalchemy.com and use the code SIP for 15% off your purchase
Published 11/16/18
Author Ijeoma Olua answers Ashley's question about embracing bold fashion and gives listeners advice on complex questions about race. Check out her book So You Want to Talk about Race here: https://www.sealpress.com/titles/ijeoma-oluo/so-you-want-to-talk-about-race/9781580056779/ Episode sponsor: Go to gunillaskinalchemy.com and use the code Sip for 15% off essential oil-based skincare tailored to you.
Published 11/09/18
Author, director, actress, and activist Amber Tamblyn joins Ashley to talk about not letting other people tell you who you are, the importance of a diverse coalition in pushing forward progressive ideals, teaching men to be allies, and how women's anger keeps us in the fight for the long haul. Episode Sponsor: Visit https://gunillaskinalchemy.com/discount/sip and use the code Sip for 15% off your purchase.
Published 11/02/18
Comedian and comedy writer Amber Ruffin (Late Night with Seth Myers) joins Ashley to share the secret of her persistent happiness, how to meet a great husband, how to meet new friends, and more.
Published 10/26/18
Author Rebecca Traister joins Ashley to answer reader letters on how to move forward when they're filled with rage over everything from politics to #MeToo. Traister is the author of All the Single Ladies and, out this month Good and Mad, about the catalytic power of women's anger.
Published 10/19/18
A new advice podcast from comedy writer and actress Ashley Nicole Black and friends, presented by Dame Magazine. Season 1 guest co-hosts include Samantha Bee, Rebecca Traister, Amber Ruffin, Robin Thede, Amber Tamblyn, Martha Plimpton, and more. Subscribe today! First episode out October 19th. New episodes every Friday through the end of 2018.
Published 10/08/18