✨Encore✨ The Princess of Prince Street P.2 🐶
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Princess is taking Ignatius for a walk in the park, her favourite place to be. On their way, they stop by a seafood restaurant and a church and visit a friend of Princess. When they arrive in the park, Princess points out the different places to Ignatious when they see a bunch of dogs coming over. Let’s see what is going to happen.
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Bernice is excited about going to Gertrude’s party. She and Ethan talk about it as they walk home. Ethan says that he heard that Gertrude’s mom is ordering a lot of pizza, and they think it must be because Bobby is coming, and he loves pizza.
Published 04/23/24
Nicole cannot believe that her garden is growing. Every time she talks to the flowers and plants, they grow. When her mom wants her to leave the garden and go to town, she doesn't want to until she hears there is ice cream and Wi-Fi.  Sleep Tight!, Sheryl & Clark❤️👂📖 --- 💡 Send us your...
Published 04/18/24