Nicole And The Box In The Barn P.8 ✨
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When Nicole walked back through the garden, she heard her Mother calling her. When she arrived at the house, she smelled something amazing. As she and her mom discussed what Nicole had done all morning, they started talking about the history of the house, and Nicole’s mom mentioned a secret room.
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Luna and Pepper are back in the second part of their adventure. Luna and Pepper love their owners and feel sad that some cats don’t have homes. They decide to go out and help. They have found the cats they were looking for; now, what can they do?
Published 06/12/24
Red is at school, and it is her least favourite day with two English classes. Alexa told Red about the box that she found in her backyard, and they are all hoping to go over after school, open it up, and see what is inside. Will this be a new mystery for them to solve?
Published 06/11/24