Everything is Everything
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At three years post-op from VSG surgery, Nichole is maintaining her weight loss, learning to love herself more, raising two young Kings, and living in her purpose enjoying her new lease on life. She shares her amazing journey on this episode with Ked and talks about all that she had to overcome to get to this moment of peace within. Listen in to see why everything is everything with Nichole in every sense of the word.
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Cierra hopes back into the booth to kick it with Ked and she updates us on what's been going on with her since the last podcast. Cierra talks about the hardships and adversities she faced that caused life to spiral and take a major toll on her psyche, but it didn't break her. Cierra got her life...
Published 07/22/22
India hops in the booth with Ked for an all-new super dope episode to chop it up and talk all things weight loss. Ked and India dive into a range of topics associated with India's journey with attending concerts post-op being one of the topics. Tune in and get the scoop on India and learn all...
Published 07/14/22