Sounds of an ascent on foot to the summit of the imposing North Grigna mountain in Italy.
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With its peak at 2410 metres in altitude, the North Grigna is an imposing quasi-mythical character in the local culture of the Lombardy region. Those who get to its top can take in a 360-degree view over the Alps, Lake Como and the plains around Milan. Celebrated by Leonardo Da Vinci in his Codex Atlanticus for its rocky ridges, the mountain is also the protagonist in an Italian Alpine folk song entitled The Legend of the Grigna. The lyrics speak of a beautiful female warrior who is turned into a dangerous mountain, divine punishment for her having asked a sentry to fire an arrow at her suitor. This song - sung in Italian by a local choir - frames our ascent on foot to the top of the North Grigna. As the singers recount the story of the warrior, warning us of the dangers of the hike, we pass through woodlands of beech and larch trees, and encounter small pastures where sheep and donkeys graze. There are rain showers, steep slopes, scree and snowy paths to battle and rare encounters with other intrepid Alpinists. The target is the Rifugio Brioschi, a wooden hut at the peak of the mountain where fellow hikers raise a glass and share tales from the climb before turning in for the night. With special thanks to the Coro Grigna for allowing us to attend their weekly rehearsal and record La Leggenda della Grigna, and to fellow hikers Hannah Mackaness, Monica Malberti and Valentina Rossini. Produced by Silvia Malnati A Reduced Listening production for BBC Radio 3
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