COPYWRITER 047: How to write an email welcome sequence
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Email is not dead, never was, never will be. In this podcast you’ll learn how to prepare a welcome sequence so that you can kick start your email automations, communicate easily with prospects and turn casual visitors into paying customers.    We also take a look at the ultimate checklist of how to prepare and write an email campaign so that no matter what level of knowledge you have or what level of sophistication you are working to, you will be able to launch an email campaign with ease and confidence. Read the show notes This podcast is brought to you by the Australian Writers' Centre. Join our community of copywriters at See for privacy information.
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They say that a big business is just a small business with systems. So how do you create the systems? How do you know what systems to create? What even is a system? If you’re a copywriter looking to fast track the success of a business and want some inside secrets on how you can do more with less...
Published 03/26/23
Jim Stewart is the founder of StewArt Media, one of Australia’s most successful digital marketing agencies. He works with clients like Booktopia, Telstra and Simply Energy to help them build their digital presence, drive leads and generate revenue. In this podcast, I talk with Jim about the...
Published 03/05/23