If you haven’t encountered a data quality problem, then you haven’t yet worked on a large enough project.  Invariably, a gap exists between the state of raw data and what an analyst or machine learning engineer needs to solve their problem.  Many organizations needing to automate data preparation workflows look to Trifacta as a solution. 
Published 12/21/21
As the internet has grown, increasingly, we are consumers of services provided by corporations rather than owners and operators of our own systems.  To many, this trend towards centralization is antithetical to the spirit of a free and open internet. Urbit is a new operating system and peer-to-peer network.  There are several layers of novel
Published 12/18/21
InfluxDB is an open-source time-series database.  It’s maintained by InfuxData who offers a suite of products that help organizations gain insights from time-series data.  In this episode, I interview Zoe Steinkamp, Software Engineering and Developer Advocate at InfluxData.  We explore some of the common use cases for time-series databases such as IoT and some recent
Published 12/16/21
Robotic process automation or RPA refers to software robots constructed to automate some business process.  Perhaps the most ubiquitous example is adding filters to your email inbox.  I’ve worked with a lot of salespeople that configure complex email follow-up campaigns when inbound emails come in, but even that’s a fairly basic example compared to what’s
Published 12/15/21
Everyone is becoming increasingly aware of supply chains for physical goods.  Software has its own supply chain.  A supply of open source solutions exists as does a demand for these solutions by industry.  Both have surely grown, but it would be nice to have a way of measuring by how much. The State of Software
Published 12/14/21
Relational databases have been a fixture of software applications for decades.  They are highly tuned for performance and typically offer explicit guarantees like transactional consistency.  More recently, there’s been a figurative cambrian explosion of other-than-relational databases.  Simple key value stores or counters were an early win in this space. Managing a graph data structure is
Published 12/10/21
The lifeblood of most companies is their sales departments.  When you’re selling something other than a commodity, it’s typically necessary to carefully groom the onboarding experience for inbound future customers.  Historically, companies approached this in a one-size-fits-all manner, giving all customers a common experience. In today’s data-driven age, a better experience can be provided that
Published 12/09/21
As cloud providers enable greater levels of specificity and control, they empower compliance-driven enterprise companies.  This level of parameterization is downright inhospitable to a new software engineer and can be a cognitive barrier to entry for a senior professional with a great idea but limited time.  Developers want to focus on their code, algorithms, front
Published 12/08/21
Writing your application’s code is only half the battle. Getting it to run on your machine is a milestone, but it’s far from your code running in a production environment.  There are an increasing set of options application designers have for helping to manage deployment, environments, and CI/CD. Encore is a backend engine for the
Published 12/07/21
Microservice architecture has become a ubiquitous design choice.  Application developers typically have neither the training nor the interest in implementing low-level security features into their software.  For this and many other reasons, the notion of a service mesh has been introduced to provide a framework for service-to-service communication. Today’s guest is Zack Butcher.  While working
Published 12/03/21
Many software projects run the risk of evolving over time to a complex state that is inhospitable for new contributors to join.  This is a dangerous place for a company to be.  Either software needs to remain more accessible, or faster paths must be created to help them get on board. Today’s interview is with
Published 12/02/21
Climate modeling is increasingly important as supply chains, emergency management, and dozens of other efforts need to make predictions about future conditions and how they will impact business.  Analyzing climate data requires geospatial systems, and those systems need a full-stack geospatial technology solution. Gopal Erinjippurath serves as CTO and Head of Product at Sust Global,
Published 12/01/21
Once a machine learning model is trained and validated, it often feels like a major milestone has been achieved.  In reality, it’s more like the first lap in a relay race.  Deploying ML to production bears many similarities to a typical software release process, but brings several novel challenges like failing to generalize as expected
Published 11/30/21
Internships can be an incredibly valuable resource to new professionals and are often the first professional work experience for many participants.  It’s often the case that internship programs are suboptimal.  Employers don’t always provide a clear path to success for the intern.  Interns in turn don’t always have a resource to reach out for help
Published 11/30/21
When creating a website, there’s no shortage of choices for how to do it.  Builders must make strategic decisions about the language or framework they want to adopt.  An important first consideration for many is selecting a web application framework like React or Vue.  Motivated by a low page response time and good user experience,
Published 11/24/21
Published 11/24/21
Application observability is a fairly mature area.  Engineering teams have a wide selection of tools they can choose to adopt and a significant amount of thought leadership and philosophy already exists giving guidance for managing your application.  That application is going to persist data.  As you scale up, your system is invariably going to experience
Published 11/24/21
Consumers are increasingly becoming aware of how detrimental it can be when companies mismanage data.  This demand has fueled regulations, defined standards, and applied pressure to companies.  Modern enterprises need to consider corporate risk management and regulatory compliance. In this interview, I speak with Terry O’Daniel, Director of Engineering (Risk & Compliance) at Instacart. Sponsorship
Published 11/23/21
Thanks to the amazing books, blogs, videos, quickstarts, frameworks, and other software-related resources, getting started as a software engineer is easier than ever.  Although you can get started in a day, it can take years to become a master of the craft and most practitioners describe it as a profession of lifelong learning. Titus Winters
Published 11/20/21
With a few impressive exceptions, software is rarely written by one person.  It takes a team and as that team outgrows a single shared office, coordination and communication become emergent problems.  There are lots of lessons to be learned from companies that have already found approaches that scale. In this episode, I interview Tramale Turner,
Published 11/19/21
Neural networks, in particular, deep neural networks have revolutionized machine learning.  Researchers and companies have pushed on the efficiency of every aspect of the machine learning lifecycle.  The impact of the trained models is particularly significant for computer vision and in turn for autonomous driving and security systems. In this episode, I interview Forrest Iandola,
Published 11/17/21
Modern businesses run on the cloud and increasingly so they run on multi-cloud infrastructure.  As any growing company can tell you, cloud costs can easily run far out of control.  Today’s enterprises are trying to deliver new products and services at a fast pace.  That needs to be done in a cost-effective, ideally cloud-agnostic way.
Published 11/16/21
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Published 11/12/21
To many people’s surprise tech sales is not much of an art. It’s actually a regimented science where reps have clear step-by-step processes to bring in new business. Each stage takes the customer closer to the end of the deal and consists of learning more about the customer’s needs.  A CRM is a database reps
Published 11/12/21
The banking industry uses technology that some modern software engineers may regard as out of date or old-fashioned.  Entrepreneurs wanting to create products in the banking space historically faced a steep curve to build software that could integrate with established banking systems. Christopher Dean seeks to change that.  He founded Treasury Prime, a company that
Published 11/11/21