Developer Productivity with Utsav Shah
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By most accounts, demand for software engineers exceeds supply.  Not just anyone can develop this skill set to the level required to deliver enterprise-grade production code.  For those that can, companies are incentivized to take extra measures to ensure software engineers are as productive as possible.  The pace of business is often throttled by the
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Writing your application’s code is only half the battle. Getting it to run on your machine is a milestone, but it’s far from your code running in a production environment.  There are an increasing set of options application designers have for helping to manage deployment, environments, and CI/CD....
Published 12/07/21
Microservice architecture has become a ubiquitous design choice.  Application developers typically have neither the training nor the interest in implementing low-level security features into their software.  For this and many other reasons, the notion of a service mesh has been introduced to...
Published 12/03/21
Published 12/03/21