32: Creating Conscious Relationships
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"Intimacy is allowing someone the space to be emotionally naked." You want healthy relationships, right? We all do! And this isn't just about romantic partnerships either. Mel and Kaleo have this whole 'conscious relationship' thing down and today they are going to share some tools that have worked for them to connect deeper to to not only each other, but to themselves first. Melanie Wassman is a Holistic Nutritionist, yoga instructor, creator of Spell Botanicals Natural Skincare and health coach who owns a Yoga Oceanside. Together with her husband Kaleo Wassman of the band Pepper, and founder of Law Records, they created Rebel & Muse, a lifestyle brand bringing inspiration to the world via their podcast, yoga + music retreats, and workshops. You can find out more about them at www.rebelandmuse.com and on Instagram @rebelandmuse and @spellbotanicals.
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