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Spit Hit for September 2nd, 2021: On today’s show, we discuss which highly invasive, dangerous procedure we would rather have performed by an unqualified professional. We also discuss the pros and cons of parenting a 3 year old boy vs. a 16 year old girl. Then, find out what’s got the fellas dissecting dog poo. Lastly, we close out the episode by drafting ingredients to build the most delicious sandwich. Subscribe and tell your friends about another hilarious episode of The Spitballers Comedy Podcast. Connect with the Spitballers Comedy Podcast: Become an Official Spitwad: SpitballersPod.com Follow us on Twitter: Twitter.com/SpitballersPod Follow us on IG: Instagram.com/SpitballersPod Subscribe on YouTube: YouTube.com/Spitballers
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Published 11/29/21
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