Leading by Example: The Ups and Downs
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This time-tested leadership method doesn't always produce the desired results. Dan and Akin discuss why, and what to keep in my when adopting this approach.  - Research Paper: 'Leading by Example: The Case of Leader OCB' by Tal Yaffe and Ronit Kark
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Dominant leaders work toward getting what they want, even if it's at the expense of others. This attitude has a ripple effect, creating negative environments in which more people adopt a zero-sum game mindset: in order to gain, someone else must lose. Join Dan and Akin as they squeeze the...
Published 10/06/21
Diversity, if treated like an independent factor, falls short of effecting innovation when employee involvement is low. Dan and Akin discuss some of the challenges researchers face when attempting to apply science to this social issue.  - Research Paper: 'Diversity and organizational innovation:...
Published 06/30/21
Reciprocity is the dish of the day as Dan and Akin chew on research out of Stanford which questions why employee loyalty and effort is sometimes not reciprocated by employers - and, as it turns out, colleagues too.    - Research Paper: 'How “Organization” Can Weaken the Norm of Reciprocity:...
Published 06/16/21