This time-tested leadership method doesn't always produce the desired results. Dan and Akin discuss why, and what to keep in my when adopting this approach.  - Research Paper: 'Leading by Example: The Case of Leader OCB' by Tal Yaffe and Ronit Kark
Published 08/31/21
Diversity, if treated like an independent factor, falls short of effecting innovation when employee involvement is low. Dan and Akin discuss some of the challenges researchers face when attempting to apply science to this social issue.  - Research Paper: 'Diversity and organizational innovation: The role of employee involvement' by Yang Yang and Alison M. Konrad
Published 06/30/21
Reciprocity is the dish of the day as Dan and Akin chew on research out of Stanford which questions why employee loyalty and effort is sometimes not reciprocated by employers - and, as it turns out, colleagues too.    - Research Paper: 'How “Organization” Can Weaken the Norm of Reciprocity: The Effects of Attributions for Favors and a Calculative Mindset' by Peter Belmi and Jeffrey Pfeffer
Published 06/16/21
Does it seem risky to be yourself at a job interview or on a first date? Turns out the riskier approach is trying to be what we think others want us to be. Dan and Akin squeeze research that weighs the benefits of authenticity against catering to the needs of others.  - Research Paper: 'To be or not to be your authentic self? Catering to others’ preferences hinders performance' by Francesca Gino, Ovul Sezer and Laura Huang
Published 06/02/21
Anxiety is a normal response to rising tensions, but there an abnormal responses far more helpful. Dan and Akin squeeze a research paper that investigates the 'paradox mindset' and its benefits. - Research Paper: 'Microfoundations of Organizational Paradox: The Problem is How We Think about the Problem' by Ella Miron-Spektor, Amy Ingram, Joshua Keller, Wendy K. Smith and Marianne W. Lewis
Published 04/27/21
In life, some things help us along while others hold us back; which should we pay more attention to, and what good can come from changing our minds? Akin and Dan squeeze a research paper that looks into our asymmetric responses to headwinds and tailwinds. - Research Paper: 'The Headwinds/Tailwinds Asymmetry: An Availability Bias in Assessments of Barriers and Blessings' by Shai Davidai and Thomas Gilovich
Published 03/30/21
Have you considered whether the skills you've picked up at your work place would be valuable anywhere else? Dan and Akin squeeze research into why being too valuable to one organisation might make you less valuable to others. - Research Paper: 'Micro-Foundations of Firm-Specific Human Capital: When do Employees Perceive Their Skills to Be Firm Specific?' by Joseph Raffiee and Russell Coff
Published 03/16/21
There are reasons why armies, churches, organisations and communities engage in group activities seemingly unrelated to the purpose of the group. Dan and Akin squeeze research that looked into the benefits of getting several individual minds to think, feel and behave as one. - Research Paper: 'Synchrony and Cooperation' by Scott S. Wiltermuth and Chip Heath
Published 03/03/21
Did you know that a strong predictor for narcissism in children is how much money their parents make? Dan and Akin squeeze research that asks what this means for work places, as narcissists are more likely to be selected as leaders. - Research Paper: 'Echoes of Our Upbringing: How Growing Up Wealthy or Poor Relates to Narcissism, Leader Behavior, and Leader Effectiveness' by Sean R. Martin, Stephane Cote and Todd Woodruff
Published 02/17/21
What do you think would have longer lasting effects on your happiness, winning the lottery or having a paralysing accident? Researchers wanted to know, and in this episode, Dan and Akin squeeze their findings for some invaluable life lessons. - Research Paper: 'Lottery Winners and Accident Victims: Is Happiness Relative?' by Philip Brickman, Dan Coates and Ronnie Janoff-Bulman
Published 02/03/21
When you're on top, it can feel like everyone wants something from you. Might you be right? Or is it all in your head? Dan and Akin look to social psychology for an answer, and pull at the roots of our budding cynical nature. - Research Paper: 'How Power Corrupts Relationships: Cynical Attributions for Others' Generous Acts' by Ena Inesi, Deborah Gruenfeld and Adam Galinsky
Published 01/20/21
When it comes to making decisions about our health, we think differently depending on whether the action prevents or detects problems. Dan and Akin squeeze a study which responds to this by investigating differences in what happens when the emphasis is put on potential gains versus losses. - Research Paper: 'The Systematic Influence of Gain-and Loss-Framed Messages on Interest in and Use of Different Types of Health Behavior' by Alexander J. Rothman, Steven C. Martino, Brian T. Bedell,...
Published 12/02/20
Whether of not we have found, or are in search of, a career that fulfils us professionally and personally might come down to just one thing: the story we tell ourselves. Dan and Akin squeeze research investigating how called professionals construct identities. - Research Paper: 'Stories of Calling: How Called Professionals Construct Narrative Identities' by Matt Bloom, Amy E. Colbert and Jordan D. Nielsen
Published 11/18/20
Studied over 30 years ago, the hostile media phenomenon found the biases audiences consume news with creates a new reality in which everyone is out to get them and nothing is ever good enough. Dan and Akin squeeze the findings of this classic research paper. - Research Paper: 'The Hostile Media Phenomenon: Biased Perception and Perceptions of Media Bias in Coverage of the Beirut Massacre' by Robert P. Vallone, Lee Ross and Mark R. Lepper
Published 11/04/20
Less what it takes to be the best and more what is takes to the produce the best. As a coach, leader, parent or person of persuasion, you'll be aware of the challenges involved with helping individuals reach their potential. Dan and Akin review research which seeks to help uncover reliable tips for drawing out greatness. - Research Paper: 'The Great British Medalists Project: A Review of Current Knowledge on the Development of the World's Best Sporting Talent' by Tim Rees, Lew Hardy, Arne...
Published 10/20/20
When we're being, negative feedback provides us with the opportunity to close the gap between what's produced and what's possible. Dan and Akin squeeze a research paper which looks into how the effect is turned on its head depending on where the feedback comes from. - Research Paper: 'Does Negative Feedback Benefit (or Harm) Recipient Creativity? The Role of the Direction of Feedback Flow' by Yeun Joon Kim and Junha Kim
Published 10/06/20
Are you familiar with the best version of yourself? Would you like to be that version of yourself more often? We talk about Dan's latest book, 'Exceptional' in this episode, squeezing research and ideas that underpin text. - Exceptional is available on Amazon and Audible. - Be sure to visit essentic.com for information on how they help individuals and organisations uncover and work with their "Exceptional" strengths.
Published 09/23/20
When you think of your workplace meetings, is laughter a regular attendee? Akin and Dan squeeze a research paper from an exciting branch of social science in which the merit of emotions at work is being brought into question. - Research Paper: 'Emotions in Organizations: Joint Laughter in Workplace Meetings' by Helena Kangasharju and Tuija Nikko
Published 09/08/20
A long held belief among scholars and employers is that side hustles conflict with full-time work by depleting the cognitive abilities of employees. Akin and Dan squeeze a research paper which looked into whether this is truly the case and if there's more to the story! - Research Paper: 'Do the Hustle! Empowerment from Side-Hustles and Its Effects on Full-Time Work Performance' by Hudson Sessions, Jennifer D. Nahrgang, Manuel J. Vaulont, Raseana Williams and Amy L. Bartels
Published 08/25/20
A new school take on an old school study finds that in states of high anxiety and fear, men remain able, and increasingly willing, to keep one thing on their mind.Akin and Dan talk about sex and taking chances. - Research Paper: 'Some Evidence for Heightened Sexual Attraction under Conditions of High Anxiety' by Donald G. Dutton and Arthur P. Aron
Published 08/12/20
Contemporary careers come with the expectation of employee mobility and the guarantee of on the job uncertainty. Research has found two competing pathways necessary for individuals to thrive with agency: adaptive and exploratory. Dan and Akin squeeze the findings for you!  - Research Paper: 'Fast Tracks and Inner Journeys: Crafting Portable Selves for Contemporary Careers' by Gianpiero Petriglieri, Jennifer Louise Petriglieri and Jack Denfeld Wood
Published 07/29/20
What can be learned from the Spanish Flu that might help us better navigate the present pandemic? Dan and Akin squeeze a sociology study that looks at natural disasters, and how the way to choose to frame events can either help or hinder our recovery. - Research Paper: 'Disasters and Community Resilience: Spanish Flu and the Formation of Retail Cooperatives in Norway' by Hayagreeva "Huggy" Rao and Henrich R. Greve
Published 07/15/20
The duo are joined by author and leadership mentor, Terence Mauri. Together, the trio squeeze a research paper that scientifically finds measurable methods by which leaders can better harness their energy and be more influential at work. - Research Paper: 'Energizing Leaders via Self-Reflection: A Within-Person Field Experiment' by Klodiana Lanaj, Trevor Foulk and Amir Erez
Published 07/01/20
It's time for another catch up with Akin and Dan. The duo have some special announcements, and also open the window into what's been happening in their lives.
Published 06/17/20
A squad of researchers analysed a month's worth of police body camera footage from routine traffic stops in Oakland, California. Their findings highlight a racial bias that contributes towards the dysfunction relationship between Black Americans and the police. Dan and Akin squeeze the findings. - Research Paper: 'Language from Police Body Camera Footage Shows Racial Disparities in Officer Respect' by Rob Voigt, Nicholas P. Camp, Vinodkumar Prabhakaran, William L. Hamilton, Rebecca C. Hetey,...
Published 06/10/20