Ep 71: Apocalypse How
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A sudden cataclysmic event has ended civilisation as we know it. All modern comforts and securities are gone and it's every person for themselves. What do you do? Where do you go first? Do you join a tribe or forge ahead alone? Is your best bet to find an island or a remote mountain hideaway? Darren and Joe try to plot their survival plans in a post-apocalyptic world this week, taking them from the mountains of Munster to islands full of strange creatures, to Dunnes in Charlestown Shopping Centre (of course) and even a misguided attempt to hijack a cruise liner.
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Your listener questions come from around the globe this week, and we're thrown into discussing Darren's secret home recipes, some grisly wordplay, serial killer calling cards, and Sky Sports News themed birthday parties.
Published 03/27/23
Published 03/22/23
The lads are back from LA and on reflection it seems they had trips of wildly different fortunes, with Joe left feeling rejected (but not at all bitter) by the Hollywood elite, while Darren returned with tales of robot butlers and a suitcase bulging with the spoils of the soft drink...
Published 03/22/23