Bonus: Free Joey
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Questions of reincarnation in the animal world - and a choice between life in the wild and life in captivity - are at the forefront of this week's bonus episode. There's also product development done on the Stall It range of talking dolls, and some deep consideration to why Joe thinks seeing the 17A bus at 4am would be terrifying.
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We find ourselves wandering through the world of mass hysteria and moral panics this week, from dancing plagues in medieval Europe, to meowing nuns, and on to satanic panics. Joe proudly confesses to a low level, shameless scam, while Darren has been schmoozing at the top tiers of Irish sport and...
Published 06/12/24
We pause for some time travelling this week, as one listener’s question offer options for leaping forward in time, where anything is possible, from witnessing the apocalypse to Joe scoring a tap in at an elite level of competition. Meanwhile, one listener drags us back into Stall It’s...
Published 06/10/24
Published 06/10/24