Ep 72: Few Quid Games
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The corrupting power of great wealth is on display as Joe outlines his twisted vision for the best way to spend a multi-million quid windfall, while Darren's dreams are maybe more innocent on the surface level, but not without their own sadistic edge. We also have your submissions for apocalypse surviving tactics, sent in to us after last week's episode. Results were mixed, at best.
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A consensus is reached this week, as we decide to bring back some good, old fashioned traffic. Joe has a rare moment of self doubt as a conversation in a pub unleashes the fear he may look older than he actually is, and he comes to the studio looing for reassurance. Darren is set for the chance...
Published 06/19/24
We get another listener tribute from the mountains, with very high production values, and we receive a disgruntled communication from across the Atlantic - as Joe's lack of gratitude does not go unnoticed. A gross ignorance of sheep is exposed, life in Siberia is compared to life in a haunted...
Published 06/17/24
Published 06/17/24