Ep 72: Few Quid Games
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The corrupting power of great wealth is on display as Joe outlines his twisted vision for the best way to spend a multi-million quid windfall, while Darren's dreams are maybe more innocent on the surface level, but not without their own sadistic edge. We also have your submissions for apocalypse surviving tactics, sent in to us after last week's episode. Results were mixed, at best.
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Published 03/22/23
The lads are back from LA and on reflection it seems they had trips of wildly different fortunes, with Joe left feeling rejected (but not at all bitter) by the Hollywood elite, while Darren returned with tales of robot butlers and a suitcase bulging with the spoils of the soft drink...
Published 03/22/23
Darren and Joe struggle to decide how far into the future they would like to see and debate the likelihood of winning a dance off against Rihanna. Then, left up to their own devices, they hit the streets of LA and attempt to get the public's opinions.
Published 03/20/23