Ep 74: Pessimist Prime ft. Al Foran
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Comedian Al Foran joins us this week and, between appearances of Mark Wahlberg and Michael Douglas, he aids Darren and Joe in plotting a memorabilia investment strategy and recalls a terrifying encounter with Mike Tyson. And in news that confuses everyone but Darren, he has a major breakthrough in his hunt for a bottle of the elusive Prime drink.
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We get another listener tribute from the mountains, with very high production values, and we receive a disgruntled communication from across the Atlantic - as Joe's lack of gratitude does not go unnoticed. A gross ignorance of sheep is exposed, life in Siberia is compared to life in a haunted...
Published 06/17/24
We find ourselves wandering through the world of mass hysteria and moral panics this week, from dancing plagues in medieval Europe, to meowing nuns, and on to satanic panics. Joe proudly confesses to a low level, shameless scam, while Darren has been schmoozing at the top tiers of Irish sport and...
Published 06/12/24
Published 06/12/24