Bonus: Counting to a Billion
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On this weeks bonus episode Darren and Joe see how long it would take them to count to a billion, (spoiler, they gave up fairly quickly). They also chat about how many holes there are in a straw, it all kicked off...
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Darren and Joe struggle to decide how far into the future they would like to see and debate the likelihood of winning a dance off against Rihanna. Then, left up to their own devices, they hit the streets of LA and attempt to get the public's opinions.
Published 03/20/23
Darren and Joe ventured outside of Dublin to see what LA has to offer. While there Darren’s childhood dream of re-enacting Little Nicky goes awry because of a chicken shortage and the true extent of Joe’s friendship with Barry Keoghan is revealed. They also get momentarily distracted by the...
Published 03/15/23
Published 03/15/23