Bonus: Crab Walken
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Doing the crab backwards up an escalator might initially sound easy, but as Darren's survey of multiple celebrities reveals, it can be a bit more complicated. Joe is sticking to his guns on life in Amsterdam, even in the face of a reasoned argument from a listener, and the lads debate how to sum up their life stories for the silver screen.
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Published 09/25/23
The lads have been signing autographs on charge sheets and drinking full fat Coke at such a rate that they're struggling to get through the bonus episode. Your questions this week give a new perspective on one of Joe's childhood tales; and even give Joe a chance to gloat about being proven right....
Published 09/25/23
We take our deepest dive yet, as Joe's recent experience of being hypnotised (or not being hypnotised, as he claims) leads us to explore the fascinating story of the CIA's secretive mind control programme, MK Ultra. We hear tales of secret brothels, bogus medical studies, fake hippie houses, and...
Published 09/20/23