Bonus: The Improvcast
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A curveball opening questions sends us down a squeamish road with tales of Joe's most disgusting moments, and Darren wants to love some very popular things but just can't get there. One listener wants to explore the lads deep preparation process for each podcast, while Joe wants to smash the stigma that people should shower at the gym. The lads learn about supersonic travel and Joe puts forward the case for teleportation as a last act in life.
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Published 09/20/23
We take our deepest dive yet, as Joe's recent experience of being hypnotised (or not being hypnotised, as he claims) leads us to explore the fascinating story of the CIA's secretive mind control programme, MK Ultra. We hear tales of secret brothels, bogus medical studies, fake hippie houses, and...
Published 09/20/23
A listener's email about a small religious community in the south east sets off a wave of confusion, with Darren struggling to grasp the characteristics of cults and skin heads, and why none of those things are relevant to the discussion. There are also brain busters on swivel chairs vs...
Published 09/18/23